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RadarOnline is reporting that Randy, who sired two children with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, is a whopping $500,000 behind in child support payments.

However, here’s the kicker, if you believe the website: both Randy and Jermaine Jackson – who also has children with Alejandra – asked Michael’s estate to pay for their child support.

According to a close inside source, Randy, 50, owes more than half a million dollars to Alejandra in past due child support for Genevieve, 22, and Steven, 20.

“There’s no reason why Randy should be so far behind on his child support payments. He shouldn’t be a deadbeat dad,” the insider told RadarOnline.

“But knowing how much Randy owes along with all this crazy drama surrounding Michael’s estate, there’s definitely reason to question his motives regarding the estate and Michael’s will.”

Keep in mind that when Randy Jackson appeared on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC program “Politics Nation” earlier this week he said, “Let me just say this. This is not about money for us.”

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