A very engaged Lebron James caused quite the controversy after asking Olympic swimmer, Lauren Perdue, out on a date! Perdue denied James. “Lebron James just invited me to dinner… Um wuuuutttt?!?” she tweeted.

She posted a photo of herself and Lebron to Instagram with the caption: "Oh heyy Lebron."

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21 thoughts on “Lebron James Causes Stir After Asking Olympic Swimmer To Dinner

  1. capricorn3971 on said:

    Stay away from the light………that’s all I’m sayin’. Don’t do anything that will jeopardize that beautiful union of two very beautiful Akronites. We are soooo waiting for the big day! The lights will cause a head on collision baby boy! Don’t even give her a napkin to wipe her twisted mouth. Sad, but you just can’t be nice when you are a black celebrity under the megasupermicroscope.

  2. Jazzdancer on said:

    Leborn, my man! Caught trying to get in the cookie jar huh. Man you are to big (both status and size) to go undetected creeping. Anyway, you should know by now that if you present an opportunity for some one to gain fame or money off of you, they’re going to take it. Wise up, grow up, now man up.

  3. KCREDZ40. on said:

    Lebron was just being a nice guy, mature fella. She need to definitely pump her brakes. Who does that??????? Spoiled brats!!!!!, that’s who. Please chile sit down witcha bad self….

  4. Serpentine11 on said:

    She totally misrepresented his intentions by sending out that bogus tweet. She took something innocent as eating in the dining hall and made it seem as if he ACTUALLY asked her out on a one on one date. Then the stupid media jumped on the band wagon and made a non-story still a non-story. If you want to talk about olympic athelets, let’s discuss Gabby Douglas winning the GOLD! That’s a story.

  5. bluice103 on said:

    Not all black men (athletes ) want white women
    he invited her to a very PUBLIC Olympic cafeteria to eat NOT a romantic dinner
    Don’t get it TWISTED !!

  6. sylviawalk05 on said:

    All Lebron did was ask the d*** girl, if she wanted to go to the dining hall!! If he wanted to take her on date don’t think he would have taken her some where more private? People will write anything for a story…

  7. elvir3h on said:

    So what? Why must there be anything else implied? Wake up people – every Black man doesn’t necessarily want to get into every body’s draws.

  8. RENO2AC on said:

    Unfortunately, Lebron has made a lot of foolish moves concerning his finacee (fiance refers to the male) that are widely known in OH, but were not reported to the whole world via “I’m a ‘twit’er,” That being said, It could have been an innocent invitation to just dine, but you just can’t let your good be evil spoken of. Sometimes perception IS everything.

  9. RKearns on said:


    I don’t believe that Lebron would disrespect himself or his fiancé by making such a FOOLISH move!!!!!

    These Olympic participants need to stay off the tweet and focus on bringing home some gold medals.

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