Not only is Wayne Brady cashing checks on “Let’s Make a Deal,” he’s cashing them on the new ABC show “Trust Us With Your Life.” The show is a unique take on a talk show format, where guest celebs talk about a formative incident in their life and actors act it out. Brady, along with several other comedians is one of the main improvisers and guest celebs have included Serena Williams, Jerry Springer and Florence Henderson.

“I've got a new improv show on ABC that I'll actually be co-starring in with Colin Mochrie, called 'Trust Us With Your Life,'” Brady told earlier this year. “It's a mixture of “This Is Your Life” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” We get a celebrity and they're interviewed by Fred Willard, and we break their life into improvisational scenes. We've had Jerry Springer and Mark Cuban, Serena Williams, Florence Henderson, and a few more. It's funny as all get-out, so I'm really thinking people will love it. Then I've got a new record coming out later this year, around September. It'll be a little soul mixed with some contemporary R&B. Something for everyone–something to dance to, and something to take you back to '65.”

“Trust Us With Your Life” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Watch Part 1 of the  episode featuring Serena Williams below.


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