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Last week, it was reported that Eddie Griffin got into an altercation with a female audience member.

The female in the audience was displeased with some of Eddie Griffin's jokes and threw her drink at him in disgust. In response, Griffin can be seen on video throwing water at her and then tossing the water bottle on the woman's table before being pulled away.

According to reports, the woman's name is Fiona Walshe and she identifies as a lesbian. She claims that she and her partner were enjoying Griffin's show when they became the target of his jokes.

Walshe says that Griffin made sexually explicit jokes about the couple being lesbians and volunteered his services to the them, which led to the drink-throwing. She also alleges that Griffin thrusted his groin in her face and  tossed other objects on her including salt and pepper.

Now Walshe and her lawyer are pursuing an apology from Griffin and compensation for what Walshe claims is complete public humiliation.


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5 thoughts on “Woman in Eddie Griffin Incident Speaks

  1. JoBear58 on said:

    Is that silly heifer for real?? Obviously, she and her ‘partner’ came to an Eddie Griffin concert to start some BS!! This dimwit threw a drink at Mr. Griffin FIRST because she did not like his jokes, and now she is trying to force him to apologize to her?!!! Oh, I do not think so!!!. If Mr. Griffin has to apologize to her, then she has to apologize to him for starting the altercation in the first place!! Mr. Griffin is an entertainer! That is what he does for a living. If that silly woman was truly offended by that type of entertainment, she should not have showed up at his concert in the first place. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MANY IN THE HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNITY EXPLOITING AFRICAN AMERICAN HETEROSEXUAL MALES, ESPECIALLY, FOR THEIR OWN SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT!! AGAIN!!…If that female wants an apology from Mr. Griffin, she needs to apologize for starting the altercation with him in the first place!! And she needs to make a public apology to the audience as well, because I know that most of the people who came to the concert came to see Mr. Griffin perform!!…Not see her make a spectacle of herself because of how she personally chooses to live her life!! In truth, some of y’all need to stop being so self-centered, because the world is not revolved around JUST you!!!

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    I dislike Eddie Griffin he is not funny and all comedians don’t disrespect their audiences I don’t like him becuase he is ignorant and not funny. Could not give me a ticket to see him Now not only is he ignorant and not funny he is disrespectful to boot.

    • tyron jones on said:

      he may not be funny to u bt he’s funny to other,if u don’t like his sens of humor ,f.u!!!n i’ll be up to say that woman was lookin for iiit in the first place couse any one that watch griffin ‘s stand would know that it is his way to entertain…

  3. proudblackwoman on said:

    Thats what comedians do, make jokes. That is why I would never set near the stage. Anyone can be a target. That doesn’t make it right but thats part of the show

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