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There’s a lot going on in America if the OWN show “Our America” hosted by Lisa Ling is any indication. The show deals with issues of impact all over the nation, profiling different people and covering various stories. The show has covered everything from arranged marriages in the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish community, the life of Native Americans on the reservation, underage prostitutes and the growing popularity of pre-teen beauty pageants. On an upcoming edition airing on Tuesday, July 24, Ling explores the challenges of people who are new to poverty and further along in the season she profiles several of the 15 million Americans who consider themselves “swingers.” Even Ling was surprised by what she found.

“Some are people you’d see on the street and think, ‘Oh, that poor person has probably never had sex, but you’d be very surprised,” Ling told the New York Post. “There are people [who are so innocuous] you wouldn’t even see them—but they’re getting their groove on! They don’t discriminate [in the swinger community]. In fact, they find chemistry with people they would never have looked at before.”

Full episode video of “Our America” is available on and you can watch Lisa Ling preview this season of “Our America” here.