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New research suggests that more Americans are choosing not to affiliate with any religious group.

In a tracking poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 19 percent of Americans did not classify themselves as a part of a religious sect.

Previously, Barry Kosmin found that 6 percent of poll respondents identified themselves as religiously unaffiliated in 1990.

"Young people are resistant to the authority of institutional religion, older people are turned off by the politicization of religion, and people are simply less into theology than ever before," Kosmin said.

Mark Chaves, a professor of sociology at Duke said that young and higher educated people are likely to reject a traditional religious affiliation. On the other hand, Chaves found that many immigrants continue to associate and maintain the religious affiliation from their origin country. 

“Only 10 percent of U.S. residents say they do not believe in God, but that is up from one percent a few decades ago,” Chaves said.

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9 thoughts on “More Americans Don’t Attend Church

  1. blessedfly on said:

    I attend church faithfully, and try to live accordingly. Not perfect, but try to live right. Well it’s like this; Some churches are so in debt trying to keep up with other big mega churches, and the “two churches in one location” scenario, that it’s begging money every time the doors open. Then some churches make you feel bad if you don’t have the money. One Sunday I didn’t have money, and the pastor stated, “don’t come to church with no offering”. I was so embarrassed. Well, the next Sunday I found myself sitting at home, which I blame myself. The bottom line is even though it take money to support the church, people don’t want to hear money every time the church doors open, then make people feel bad because they don’t have the amount of money they ask for. Every church can’t have mega churches or two or three churches. Pastors stop trying to keep up with the big churches. People can’t always pay big money when they are struggling to keep the power on in THEIR house.

  2. jimmyg on said:

    Ii believe there is a spiritual being greater than we mortals could ever imagine.And I also believe no mortal can capture the image of this spirit.So,there
    Should be no graven images of God..None..Lest one race of folks truly believe
    God looks like them,and therefore look down upon other folks with a superior smug,turning them into slaves, or sending them to gas chambers.I stopped going to churches where false images are displayed.It’s nothing but propaganda.Each
    One of us,regardless of race,color,or status is a mere mortal waiting to bow down
    Before the certified king of eternity..Run and tell that..

  3. bigsmoke on said:

    Religion is the most divisive paradigm in existence. Plus you expect me to believe what a handful of politicians (Council at Nicaea), a power crazed emperor (Constantine), and a questionable King (King James) put in a book.

  4. cynddiep on said:

    Very little trust in religous organizations these days. People are becoming more educated and can see throught the veil of religious dogma.

  5. buggy8153 on said:

    Perhaps this is because organize religion tends to deal in absolutes, and it seems that Jesus Christ tended to look outside of the box to teach us valuable lessons

  6. buggy8153 on said:

    Perhaps this is because organize religion tends to deal in absolutes, and it seems that Jesus Christ tended to look outside of the box to teach us valuable lessons

  7. We as Africans dwelling in America for one reason or another are living in a land dominated by a European western culture a culture with very little spiritual substance, although 76 to 80% of Americans claim some form of Christianity if you do some research you’ll find that about only 20% actually go to church, and out of that 20% only 6% are true practicing Christians. Now with that said this leaves a large percent in darkness, and we the Black people of America seem to be following this culture right off the edge of the cliff. CicelyTyson said in one of Tyler perry’s movies in so many words, young sisters stop walking around half naked and shaking your butts to the ground, and blackmen step to the plate and be the kings you are ment to be at that time I grabed my queens hand and said lets go no more needed to be seen or heard from that point on. Its time for us as Africans dwelling in America to cross the dessert of moses into our own spiritual and economic salvation. Or we can continue to follow the money is God European culture right of the edge of the cliff. To tell the truth I fear it might be to late. Spirituality is within, In god we trust is within your wallet.

  8. jimmyg on said:

    To the 5 folks who have read the article,my point is simple.No graven images of God.Remember the two robots we sent to Mars?Well imagine they hooked up on
    Mars after all those years sniffing the place for signs of life.My God they both shout after hooking up.This is fantastic.This is unbelievable!.There must be a creator somewhere.He gotta look like us.But folks ,those robots had no conception that they were created by humans millions of miles away..Therefore
    Their entire image of their creator was totally false..Same thing with humans..

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