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Everyone has had this happen to them in the past.  You have  prepared yourself a delicious lunch for work, wait to eat it all day, just to realize that someone else in the office has eaten it. Well, J. Anthony Brown feels your pain.Take a listen to what could be the  lunchtime theft theme song as J murders another hit.


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One thought on “J. Anthony Brown Murders Another Hit: “Name On It”

  1. secw72 on said:

    I bought a 12″ sub and didn’t eat it that day and only ate 1/2 of it and put the other half in the fridge to eat the next day. Thee next day at lunch time, went to the fridge and someone had taken a bite out of it and wrapped it back up ever so neatly. I told several co-workers what had happened and that I was going to put rat poison in the leftover sub and wrap it back up and they talked me out of it.

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