Dear Tom,

I am nominating my sister “Shulie” to be a Thursday Morning Mom. She is actually my legal guardian.

She was 27 and living in a 2-bedroom apartment with one of my other sisters when my dad died of cancer. He left my two brothers and me in her care.

All of a sudden, there were five people and a mini-Schnauzer named Ivan living in her apartment.  But she raised us as if we were her very own – that was back in 2004.

After a while, my brothers went back to live with their mom but Shulie said I could stay with her. Since then, she has provided for me and sent me to private school. Education is important to her so she wants me to continue into a private high school next fall.    

She works as a Speech Pathologist and has been working hard getting her own business going while taking me back and forth to programs at school – It leaves her with very little time to herself.

I know she would like to relax and go to a beach somewhere – someplace tropical and exotic that serves those fruity drinks with umbrellas.



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