A new study found that women are scoring higher than men on IQ tests.

James Flynn, the study’s author who is also known as New Zealand’s IQ testing expert said that women previous trailed men in IQ test for several years by as much as five points. Now, women have taken the lead in the battle of the intelligent sexes.

“Over the last 100 years, everyone in the developing world has been gaining about three IQ points, but women have been gaining faster,” Flynn told reporters. “This is the result of modernity. In every country where women have an equal chance of modernity, women have caught men [in IQ testing].”

Flynn will publish the results in a new book this September.

He retrieved the data from standard IQ tests, known as Raven Tests from Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, and Africa. Flynn recruited 500 men and 500 women mostly between the ages of 15 and 18 for the study.

“In all of those samples, women are the equal of men, perhaps scoring a half point or a point higher,” Flynn said.

Flynn credits women scoring higher as a result of increased opportunities and education for women within the last century. He also believes that education’s transition from rote memorization to focusing on logic and analytic skills has played a part in the gender IQ shift.

“As we enter the modern worlds, our minds change just as our automobiles have changed,” Flynn explained. “Where women can have an equal chance to interface with the modern world, they equal on IQ and surpass on academic performance.”

He suggested that these advantages also open doors for women to succeed in professional fields, even though there are other social factors influencing women’s success in those spheres.

Previous human studies have found differences in males and females on factors such as brain size, verbal and spatial abilities, as well as brain disorders.

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