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One thought on “Real Fathers, Real Men

  1. madlove08 on said:

    Dear Tom,
    My name is April Baskin and I would like to nominate my best friend and husband, Anthony Baskin. Anthony and I meet at a Thanksgiving gathering in 2005. We have 3 beautiful children who is the joy of our life. Anthony works two jobs to help support out family he works a 7am to 3pm Monday though Friday and from that job he rushes to his second job from 3pm to 11pm four to five days a week as well. When he is off even though he is worn out from working so hard he still makes time for me and the children. He gets out in the yard jumps on the trampoline with the children, and plays ball with our son. He always helps me with the everyday house chores by washing and folding the clothes, and ironing all our clothes for the week. I sit and wonder many days how he does it day in and day out but I know it because of God’s grace he able press forward one more day. We purchased our home 2yrs ago and it sits on 1 ½ acres. We both enjoy working in the yard, I enjoy planting and tending to my flowers and he enjoying cutting, weeding, and trimming the lawn. Last summer our riding lawn mower went out and we can’t afford a new one. We have a push mowers and I have been helping him cut the lawn this summer. He does the most work and I cut the rest. This takes us two days at the most to finish the whole yard, and we have been doing this since the beginning of this summer. We both want our yard to look nice and to be a safe for our children to play without worrying about snakes hiding in the tall grass. We have gone many times pricing mowers trying to figure out how much to save out of both of our already stretched pay checks. Trying to determine how both of could save from our checks and we just can’t afford to right now. The mower that we need for this much lawn is a zero turner and they start at $1500 and up. He never complains, when we have had to cut the grass this summer all he says is “it has to be done”, and we get it done no matter how long it takes. My husband believes in taking care of his responsibility and not living by excuses. Tom I love this man because he gives so much of himself to his family and require so little. Tom if you could bless us with your help in getting a lawn mower so that he wouldn’t have to work so hard and feel guilty that I have to help him. He knows I don’t mind but he don’t want me to have to do that job. This type of mower will reduce this job from 2 days down to a 1 1/2 at the most. Please Tom help my husband get the mower of his dreams!!
    Thanks you,
    April Baskin

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