Long gone are the days of planting calls from friends with excuses to leave a bad date. eHarmony has now come to your rescue through their ‘Bad Date Rescue’ App.

“eHarmony developed the 'Bad Date Rescue' App as a fun and engaging way to help people get out of a bad date and into a good date,” spokeswoman Whitney Standring-Trueblood said.

The iPhone application will arrange a call from fictional characters providing a variety of excuses so you can make a tactful early exit.

Some of the excuses include: 

     -Mom needing help with the DVD player so your Dad can watch an important presentation for work.

     -Boss needs your help right away.

     -Neighbor informs you that a pipe has burst in your basement.

The call can be scheduled and then ignored. It can also be triggered by a button whenever the date begins taking a turn for the worst.

When the call appears, it can be disguised as any other call from your phone’s contacts and can even be accompanied with a picture.

There are other phone apps that can stimulate phone calls for those awkward moments. However, the ‘Bad Date Rescue’ app uniquely provides interactive scripts to make the transition appear as natural as possible.

Developers do warn that the application cannot prevent you from laughing. Reactions to the app’s characters and stories are at your own risk.

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