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Right leaning, anti-Obama website "The Daily Caller" (The DC) caught up with tennis superstar Venus Williams to ask about the President’s handling of the economy and if she’ll campaign for him.

It’s no secret the president is pushing for tax increases on individuals making over $250,000 annually, a tax bracket Williams is definitely in. With that in mind, she asked if Obama’s economic policies have helped her business ventures.

Williams replied:

“I’m a professional athlete, so I’m really, you know, I know a lot about sports, so I’m not an expert in economic policy, so I would be, you know, remiss to comment on anything like that. But I can tell you I’m very excited to be a franchise owner,” she told TheDC on Tuesday. “For me, this is beyond my dreams. It supports the healthy, active lifestyle that I promote, so this is amazing.”

"The DC"’s reporter also queried Venus as to whether she will campaign for President Obama,

“Right now, my main focus is the Olympics coming up, and then the U.S. Open is right after that so for me those are my priorities,” she said.

Serena Williams is heading to the London Olympics this summer.