In the world of hip-hop, rarely do you see the “passing of the torch” to the sons and daughters of iconic rappers. Sadly, most live gloriously during their heyday and then fade quickly into obscurity, their talents but a memory to the world and their children. One exception to the rule is Diggy Simmons. If you have a young girl in your household, you know him. As the son of Run of the hip-hop pioneer group Run DMC, this 17-year-old teen heartthrob has some big shoes to fill. And so far, he’s off to a good start. His single, Copy, Paste, (watch video below), soared to the top of the charts. He’s worked with several artists in his relatively short career including rapper Lupe Fiasco and producer Pharrell Williams. And he’s been added to the ticket for this year’s Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion.


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