Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has ignited a family feud. Her step mother is fighting mad that Oprah bought her father’s barbershop after it went into foreclosure.

Winfrey’s father Vernon has been a barber in the Nashville, Tennesee area for about fifty years. He and his now estranged wife Barbara moved their business into a shop they co-owned last year. Things began to get messy when the barbershop went into foreclosure. Oprah paid for the property in full and gifted it to her dad in order for him to keep his business open. Barbara was enraged by Oprah purchase because Oprah has been calling most of the shots when dealing with the shop.


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2 thoughts on “Oprah Blasted By Stepmother Over Family Business

  1. Sharon Jones on said:

    Lady O, doesn’t owe her a dime or more time. That’s her (Lady O) house, money and dad. There’s NO blood line to this bloodsucking woman. No matter her age.

  2. Chrisentery2U on said:

    She is supposed to save the shop, thats her daddy, if the wifey was handling her business on her end they wouldnt be losing the shop, duh. If her dad have enjoyed being a barber in that area for about fifty years, then why just sit back and let his hard work go to hell when his baby girl is can get him out of the bind? However, I do feel they should have been proactive and told Oprah about the situation before it went into foreclousure, but if oprah has been calling most of the shots when dealing with the shop, why was it in foreclosure? Anyway, estranged wife need to sit down somewhere if she aint putting up some money. Money talk and BS walk – keep cutting and be breezy 🙂

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