Donna Summer’s family is battling over the late singer’s estate.

Summer’s youngest daughters Brooklyn, 31 and Amanda, 28 were born to her second and latest husband, singer/songwriter Bruce Sudano. Summer married Sudano in 1980.  

The late singer had Mimi, 39 with her ex-husband and German actor Helmut Sommer.

A family insider says that the girls began arguing shortly before Summer passed away.

“Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more,” the family friend told reporters.

Most of the singer’s fortunate was left to Sudano. The family friend says he is struggling to grieve his wife’s death and generously divide the money between the girls.

“Donna was one of the most generous people and wanted to give her family, friends and fans one last album,” noted the insider, adding: “Those close to them say that maybe it would be best if Bruce kept all the money for himself, but he’s far too sweet to do that.”

Donna Summer lost her battle with breast cancer in May at the age of 63. 

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One thought on “Donna Summer’s Family Argues Over Fortune

  1. vernitahart on said:

    This is so sad. But that’s the way families act after the death of a loved one and especially when there is money involved. The husband should divide the money between the girls and call it a day!

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