Allison Mathis, former girlfriend of Chris Bosh and mother of their daughter, Trinity, has finally decided to speak out about her and Chris Bosh's current trouble.

In the latest interview, she reiterates that it was Bosh's idea to have the baby and that they were in a committed relationship before the break-up in 2009. Mathis goes on to discuss her money woes, her feelings on Bosh, and  being banned from "Basketball Wives."

Check out the video below to hear more about Mathis's version of her and Bosh's tribulations in her interview with Gossip Extra.

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Allison Mathis Speaks Out

  1. loisanne65 on said:

    Let Chris have the child until you can get back on your feet. I am sorry that you cannot eat steak and lobster every day, I cannot either. You should not have put yourself in a position like what you are in. Move back home to your mom, get a job and move on.

  2. ddlewis47 on said:

    Correction, Bosh is paying child support in the amount of $2600 a month which was determined by the court in TX, the court in Florida which is the state he legally lives in will have to determined an amount based on her current situation for a new support order to be rendered. He is meeting his financial obligation for his child, she isn’t satisfied with the amount she wants more in essence she wants enough money to support her self as well.

  3. ddlewis47 on said:

    If I not mistaken it takes two to tangle!!! So he wanted the child and she didn’t . How old is this women??? I’m really having a difficult time with this story because she made a choice they would affect her life and that child’s life. I think everyone is missing the point he is paying child support based on a court order in Texas but it’s not what she thinks he should be paying, let the Florida court handle the matter, she needs to stop exploiting herself and if she really thinks that she will have the lifestyle for her and her daughter like his wife and child by his wife, she is sadly mistaken , it won’t happen. Look for another job and wait for the case to go to trial in Florida and once again let “the man” tell a man what he should be paying to support his child. Allison Mathis isn’t entitled to anything other than this man’s financial obligation to his child and his child only!! Get over it, you gamble and you lost it’s just that simple. Men who father many children with one women don’t stay if he don’t want to be with that women, it’s the oldest trick in the book and it doesn’t work.
    Women need to stop having children thinking that they will keep the man!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oneLOVE13 on said:

    no matter what, if i EVER had a child with anyone i wasn’t married too, i would help them in anyway i can no matter the fact how much $ was involved, i’m a man and was a single father for a many of years and NEVER received adime of child support from their mom in which she has been behind for a many of years. may god bless her and her child and chris also.

  5. vjhxxx on said:

    My understanding is that Chris Bosh is paying child support of at least 3k a month. Chris Bosh also requested that he be allowed full custody of his daughter since the mother is financially unable to take care of their daughter alone which was rejected by the mother. This woman want’s more than 10x this amount for no other reason than she had a baby from a guy that is a NBA athlete. I hope your daughter never reads this article or look at your video since you have reduced her very existence down to dollar and cents. I totally under why Chris Bosh did not marry you. You should fire your lawyer!

  6. vernitahart on said:

    This is so sad for the baby. Ms Mathis I hope you put his name on the birth certificate. If you doesn’t support his child willingly then the government will just have to force him to. File for assistance, food stamps and everything else the government will take care of him, believe me. They will take the payments out of his check. It’s sad he doesn’t step up to the plate. Another deadbeat dad.

  7. grayd0307 on said:

    I’ve always thought that it’s a bad idea to have a child out of wedlock for a man who is promising you the moon if you do. If he really loves you, he will marry you and do it the right way. Miss Mathis should have listened to her mom on this one.
    Bottom line – talk is cheap; promises can easily be broken; it’s not his body going through all of the changes; & nothing is legally or morally binding. Now he’s married to somebody else & she’s stuck with their baby, that he supposedly wanted so bad. I’ve seen too many instances of the guy really wanting the young lady to have his baby, so she does, only to be left on the curb when her body starts stretching; & he moves on to the next Pretty Young Thing. A woman should not give a guy a child until he gives her a walk down the aisle to the minister. Ladies, have higher expectations for yourselves!

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