According to the "Houston Chronicle," Gospel Singer James Fortune is being sued for physical child abuse of his then 4-year-old stepson.

According to a civil lawsuit, Fortune is being sued for five million dollars after leaving his stepson disfigured, leaving 50% of his body burned. Both James Fortune and his wife Cheryl, mother of accuser, are named in the suit.


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3 thoughts on “TJMS on the James Fortune Case

  1. vjsim4 on said:

    I agree with petteychar’s comment. It made me sick to my stomach to her Sybil (not shirley) defending an man who pleaded guilty to abusing a child. Sometime the TJMS show is way off base. They should stick to their buffoonery and leave serious issues alone.

  2. petteychar on said:

    I was very disappointed with the conversation really this man. I had to turn off the radio because I felt you were trying to defend him. When Shirley on the stated that the money was too much…how much is a child’s life worth. There is no amount of money to replace the pain that child will have for the rest of his life n she wants to defend this man’s actions. I can’t listen to a station that would excuse a man who totured a child and say what the biological father is asking for is too much. Why because he’s a friend…please think about what you are teaching our community.

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