Chris Brown’s father says he wants his famous son to distance himself from his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, claiming it would be the best move for his career.

The former couple recently reunited for two remix tracks, which didn’t sit well with a number of fans upset that she had seemingly moved past his beating of her in 2009.

Now Brown’s dad, Clinton Brown, tells Star magazine that he has concerns about a possible reunion, and that he has advised his son to stay away from Riri to prevent further problems.

“I do not condone everything that goes on with Chris, but I love my son with all my being,” he tells Star magazine. “I am always concerned about him… He can make his own decisions. But, as a concerned parent, I would rather they not have any involvement.”

Brown also assured fans upset by the former couple’s ongoing relationship that there’s nothing romantic going on: “He said, ‘We are friends, and that’s the extent of it.’ But when you’re that emotionally involved with someone and have a history, it could cause problems. Sometimes you need to cut the strings and move beyond the past.”

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