A 24-year old Cornell University student claims that a “granny grabbing pickpocketer” stole his wallet after they dry humped at the Hudson Hotel last weekend.

Salvatore Lopes said he met the 70-year woman at the hotel while drinking with friends.

“She didn’t look homeless or like a prostitute. She looked like somebody’s grandmother,” Lopes said.

Lopes explained that the woman initially approached his friends and later put the moves on him.

“They were laughing and running away. Then she came over to me. She got a grip on me and she wouldn’t let go," Lopes explained. “She was saying, I want to party with you. I want to spend Father’s Day with you. I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I put my hands up. I said, ‘You’re too old for me. You’re not my type.’ ”

Lopes admitted that he bought the woman a drink at the hotel bar and realized shortly after that he had been pickpocketed.

“That’s when I realized she took it while she was dry humping me,” he said. “But I didn’t feel a thing.”

Lopes claims that the woman went on a shopping spree with his credit cards.

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