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Actor and comedian Michael Colyar and his wife, Brooks Jackson announce their recent separation after 27 years. The couple released the following statement:

"To our family, friends, real fans and a hand full of people just trying to be in our business, Brooks and I would like to formally announce our continued journey of life but on separate paths.

After 27 years of love, friendship, respect, and admiration and 24 years of amazing marriage, we have decided to dissolve our marriage and to keep on being each other's great friend.

We feel that this is a personal matter and we won’t be giving any details so don’t ask. These matters are sensitive and can be highly emotional so we ask you to respect our privacy and continue to support us both with your prayers and non- judgmental friendship.

Oh, and if y’all wanna send money that’s acceptable too. God is still the ruler of our lives so we will be more than alright… we will continue to grow, prosper and unfold into our greater selves and even more blessed and fulfilled lives remaining friends and supporting each other the whole way.

We pray that you support us too and honor our wish to let this matter remain private."


Brooks & Michael Colyar