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Congratulations to Angela Brown, today's "Thursday Morning Mom."

Dear Tom,

My mom, Angela Rena Brown in St. Louis, Missouri, is amazing. She says she is blessed. She retired in 2010 from her job of 35 years with the Federal government at the Department of the Army. She loved her job of taking care of soldiers and being a Human Resource manager and was involved in all types for programs, projects, and activities. The job went to Kentucky, so she took early retirement to stay local with her family.

My mother takes care of everyone and never complains. She became caregiver to my 4-year-old autistic nephew; guardian to her brother with dementia; and patient transport for her blind sister. She has developed a routine which includes getting up at 6:30 a.m. daily, taking my 5-year-old nephew to school, while waiting for his special needs brother to be pick up by bus. My mother even takes me to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because I share a car with my college student daughter who needs my car on these days to go to school.

My mother says everyone needs to go to work or school, so she makes sure five of her six grandchildren gets to dentist and doctor's appointments. One grandchild lives in Germany, whom she is still involved with. She takes care of her male companion, who is disabled with back problems. She is the family banker, resume writer, organizer, adviser and loan officer; if she has the money, she will help. She will take care of others before herself.

On top of her nurturing ways, she works part time as a library assistant for three nights a week. (She says she has to have something to do.) My mom likes fishing, reading, gardening, going to kids' sports events, dancing, and loves to cook. And above all, she loves to cook. My mother cooks those soul food Sunday dinners you see on t.v. She learned cooking from her mother. I could list some of the menu items, but it would upset you. SHE CAN COOK! Her friends from Germany even come to eat. Almost anyone will show up for a meal on Sundays; just ask her elderly neighbor. She enjoys feeding people and this is just the way she is and will not change. She use to provide holiday meals for her soldier co-workers before she retired and they still call her. She does all this cooking and still managed her diabetes and lost weight to keep from taking medicine.

My mother could use a new stove and refrigerator. She says she can "make do" until she can afford a new one; other things are more important. The refrigerator has a broken handle and leaks water and the stove cooks on two eyes, with no oven light. She would not ask for these things for herself; so I am doing it for her.

If she is selected for the "Thursday Morning Mom," my wish is for her to get new appliances without having to make do. She is deserving of this recognition.


Relonda R. Brown


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