Kimberly Cross nominates her husband, Tyhesh, for today's "Christmas Wish."

Dear Tom:

I am nominating my husband Tyhesh to receive a Christmas Wish. My husband and I have two children —a 13 year-old son from a previous relationship of mine and a two year-old daughter that we have together.  He treats my son as his own and is a loving father and wonderful husband. His dedication to our children is so strong he has chosen to be a stay-at-home dad for our youngest and be there for our boy after school.

My husband began working as a young boy in his family construction business. He continued to work as a brick mason even through acute renal failure, hearing loss, dialysis, and finally a kidney transplant all before the age of 25. He finally had to stop brick masonry after a hip replacement at 28. Ty then became a truck driver hauling items both long distance and local, but due to his failing health he had to stop.  He never gave up the hope of finding a job that he could do despite his physical limitations, while allowing him the freedom to work around our children’s schedule.

After three years of being without a career, Ty rediscovered his passion for photography and has since started his own photography business at our home. His photography business is starting to pick up and he has expressed to me that he would like to take it to a professional level producing more jaw-dropping images. He has been spending a lot of time on the road in our home state of South Carolina doing photography jobs and has had to take my laptop with him. Unfortunately, it is outdated and does not have the photography editing software on it or enough memory to upload large amounts of pictures. He is also in need of a Fujifilm Digital Photo Printer System to produce lab quality prints instantly for his clients.  

It is my Christmas Wish to ask for a laptop with loads of memory, the Digital Photo Printer System and the Professional Editing and lighting software so that Ty has the professional equipment he needs to take his photography to new heights and to give him the creative outlet and successful business he craves. I would love for my husband to have this Christmas Wish granted to show him how much we love him and appreciate all he does for our family.

Yours Truly,

Kimberly Cross


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