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As you well know, this Sunday is Father’s day. As a result of the crisis of single mothers in our community many of us spend this time of the year questioning where are all the fathers.

Well, whether you call him father, daddy, pops, old man, or just dad, I want to celebrate the men who day in and day out embrace the gift of being a father.

You know the "I gotta put in 80 hours a week, but I won't miss a recital, concert, game or event"" dads.

And the "I’ll take my kids to church even when mom can’t so they can see what a man praising God looks like" dads.

Or the "I never was shown affection by my father, but know how to discipline and love my sons" kind of dads.

Or the "none of these kids come from my seed, but I will step up and be the father they don’t have" dads.

And especially, the "I pay child support, but still can’t see my kids, but won't stop fighting to be the father G"od called me to be" dads.

There are so many great fathers out there that seldom get the shine because we are so busy talking about the ones that are not there. Perhaps if we operated the other way, brothers who are MIA could see what real fathers look like even if they never had one.

So as I get out of here, just a few shout outs:

Sherod Thurman says about her dad ‎Kenneth Wilson: He's shown me so much over the past 16 years, including how to really treat a woman and how to be independent. While he may not be my biological "daddy", he has definitely been a father to me.

Taffani Holmes said that her father, Rufus Holmes, was never too busy for us and even though he never finished high school,  always had wisdom to share.

Ms. Molly (via Twitter) said Charles M. Ward, her father "was a single parent since I was 2. He is always there when I need him to give me advice."

Mommy Making Moves (via Twitter): my husband Randy Hemphill is amazing with our son and my little sister.

And I want to send a huge Father’s Day shout out to my dad, Johnnie Johnson. I don’t remember a day that I didn’t sense your presence. I have felt your love for me everyday of my life. I don’t remember a day that you have not challenged me to be better.

Watching you work showed me how to, and your emotional availability with me and my brother showed me how to love my babies. Watching you fight through legal blindness and 4th stage cancer like a soldier has shown me how to live in the face of life. I am proud to be your son.

Family, if there is a man anywhere in your life who loves, supports, shows up and out of his children, use the entire week to let him know how much he means to you. And when someone tells you there are not enough real dads, tell them that they are not looking hard enough. Real fathers, stand up and take a bow. This is your week. Happy Father's Day.

As always, I'm Jeff and that's my truth.

Please join me this week on THE INTERSECTION as we celebrate dads. We want you to call in and tell us about your father.


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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Fathers

  1. SoulProducer on said:


    Good dads buy you a basketball or football before you’re six months old.
    Good dads pick you up from your first day of kindergarten.
    Good dads read your favorite story to you, even though you’ve heard it 77 times before.
    Good dads coach your soccer team even if he doesn’t like soccer.
    Good dads give you chicken-noodle soup when you’re sick.
    Good dads spank your butt when you mouth-off to your mother.
    Good dads are patient.
    Good dads never give up on you.
    Good dads have talks with your teachers or coaches when they don’t treat you fairly.
    Good dads tell their sons how to respect women.
    Good dads tell their daughters to be careful of whom they trust.
    Good dads teach their children to respect their elders.
    Good dads teach their children to respect themselves.
    Good dads tell you when you screw up.
    Good dads show you how to change a flat tire.
    Good dads come out in the rain at 2:00 o’clock in the morning to change your flat tire.
    Good dads don’t seek adulation or praise. Taking care of you is their responsibility.
    Good dads don’t always give you what you want, but always provide what you need.
    Good dads explain that all blessings come from the Master Father.
    Good dads love their children unconditionally.
    Good dads encourage their children to develop their mind, body, and spirit.
    Good dads always love and respect the mother of their children.


  2. jimmyg on said:

    If you ever watched some of todays realitys shows featuring potential dads and women out to prove, they’re the one.Some of those potential dads do cartwheels when they found out..”You are not the father.”.The mother runs off stage screaming and cryin..Fellas it’s an awesome responsibility to raise any child..So,if you can’t handle it,and don’t have the cash to pay for it.
    Put a damn cap on it for her and your own good…Otherwise your nothing but a dead beat,running from your responsibility…

  3. BigBlackRod on said:

    Thanks, Jeff; I get so tired of scolding Father’s Day sermons, I don’t know what to do. It’s not about the bad dads; it’s about the fathers who are steadfst and true…PEACE.

  4. wellsk1959 on said:

    I’m glad someone recognizes those fathers who set the example for their children to emulate. It’s really sad to hear how hard it is to raise daughters to be respectable, but never how hard it is to raise sons who are respectable, too. I hope I have set that example for my sons. I know I am not perfect, and I have made my share of mistakes. I just hope they realize how much I love them, and how much I want them to be leaders in their communities, not followers. Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers who are doing the right thing and showing their children what a real man is supposed to be like.

  5. rose spencer on said:

    thank you for those Fathers who stayed and are working it out for their SONS some dont have staying Power– Iknow one that left an died from drugs one left after 19 yrs of marriage- greener passages? 2great sons never N trouble senior- 14yr old going to indoor skate championship IN. 7-17-12 single moms struggle to get them there. thank you for listening r spencer 856-524-4061 need help w hotel an travel expenses

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