Taekwondo world champion Mitt Lenix, 28, was having trouble with his car when he went and knocked on a couple’s car window to ask for help during a movie at the Starlight Drive-in Movie Theater in Atlanta.  But when he knocked, the couple was reportedly nude or partially nude and getting ready to have sex.  The man in the car, Quentric Williams, allegedly shot and killed Lenix and proceeded to lead police on a chase, according to Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2.

Williams was able to elude police that night, but was caught later at Sunrise Suites hotel in Duluth where he tried to jump from the third floor to escape police again.

To make matters worse, in the midst of the police chase to catch Williams, pedestrian, Clinton Hightower was struck and killed.

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta Man Killed at Drive-In Theater

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