James Lesure stays working, so it’s probably no accident he’s now on a new TBS show, “Men at Work.” Lesure had two good runs as Mike Cannon on the long-running ABC show “Las Vegas” with Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims, and was Holly Robinson’s TV husband, Mel Ellis, on the WB sitcom “For Your Love.”  

On “Men at Work” created by actor/writer/producer Breckin Meyer, Lesure is Gibbs, a photographer and ladies man who works with three other guys for a prominent magazine. When one of them gets dumped, he enlists the help of his coworkers to return to the dating game. Lesure, 41, is still single, like his character on the show, but he says they’re not exactly alike.

“Hmm. I feel like he's a lot more extroverted than I am,” he told OCweekly.com. “I tend to be quieter so that is something that I think is different. We have tolerance that is similar but he's very open to different types of people and I feel like I am to a point as well. We both have an appreciation of females as well so we have that in common. And we both look like we are in our twenties. [Laughs.]”

Men at Work is on TBS on Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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