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The first step on the road to happiness is closer and easier than you think.

Here are several ways you can boost your mood:

1.    Raise your activity level to pump your energy.-Allow yourself to make energetic choices such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or talk on the phone while standing up.

2.    Take a walk outside.-Enjoy the fresh air. Research shows that light stimulates brain chemistry.

3.    Reach out.-Connecting with others can strengthen happy feelings. Send an email to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or say hello to someone new.

4.    Rid yourself of a nagging task.-Complete those daunting tasks you dread and enjoy the feeling of crossing it off your to-do list. These activities can range from grocery shopping to making doctor’s appointments.  

5.    Create a more serene environment.-One way to reduce stress is by eliminating the very thing that is causing you to feel overwhelmed. This inner peace can be achieved by organizing piles of paperwork or cleaning a stack of dishes in your kitchen.

6.    Do a good deed.-Make someone’s day by helping them carry their groceries or offer a smile and a listening ear.

7.    Save someone’s life.-Volunteer time to a charitable organization that can save and change lives.

8.    Act happy.-No one can persuade you like yourself. Research shows that when you smile even artificially, it can boost your mood. It also helps you appear friendlier to others.

9.    Learn something new.-Gain another skill by learning something you’ve always been interested in such as a new language, sewing, or cooking.

Challenge yourself by using the above tips to live a happier lifestyle and share your happiness with others.


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