There are approximately 125,000 non-traumatic amputations per year.

Here’s what you can do to keep your limbs:

1. Know and manage your ABC’s of diabetes.

* A = A1C. Keep your A1C less than 7%

* B = Blood Pressure (B/P). Keep your B/P below 130/80 mmHg

* C = Cholesterol (lipids). Keep your lipids in these ranges:

* Total Cholesterol–less than 200mg/dl

* Triglycerides–less than 150mg/dl

* HDL–men more than 40mg/dl, women more than 50mg/dl

* LDL-less than 100mg/dl, if you have heart disease, less than 70

2. Look at your feet daily. The more familiar you are with how your feet look,

3. Keep your shoes and socks on. Always wear shoes and socks when you are awake and walking around.

Remember to thoroughly inspect your footwear before and after wear. Shake out both your shoes and socks to make sure there isn’t anything in them – other than your feet. And when you take your shoes and socks off, look at and in them to be sure there isn’t blood, a telltale sign of a sore. If there is blood, identify where it came from, and if there is a sore, get help right away.

About Dr. Smith

The doors of Dr. Maasi J. Smith’s private practice opened in 2002 in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square, where he developed his complete natural foot care line, Dr. Smith’s Foot Care. In addition to his practice, Dr. Smith is affiliated with the American Podiatric Medical Association, Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association, American Professional Wound Care Association and The American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery.

A native of Essex County, New Jersey, Dr. Smith graduated from Irvington High School in 1988, furthering his education at Hampton University in Virginia. As a Biology/Pre-Med major, it was not until his third year at Hampton that Dr. Smith developed an interest in podiatry and decided to pursue a career in podiatric medicine. After finishing Hampton University in 1992, he attended Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine, where he became an active participant in the Student National Podiatric Medical Association, as well as other student organizations.

After co-authoring two medical research papers and making his rounds at several of the area’s top hospitals, Dr. Smith choose to do his residency training in Philadelphia at Temple University Northeastern Hospital, where he trained in podiatric medicine and surgery with further emphasis on diabetic wound care. Once training was complete, Dr. Smith felt the independence of a private practice would give him a better opportunity to focus on the needs of his patients. Upon opening his practice, he quickly observed that many of the traditional prescriptions that he was writing were not providing his patients with the desired results. In turn, Dr. Smith began developing his own products in the home that he shares with his wife, Dominique, and daughters, Noelle and Nyla.

He found success by combining natural ingredients such as soy, aloe, vitamin E and tea tree oil, as opposed to the prescription formulas which usually include harsh chemical ingredients. This combination of soy, aloe and vitamin E is what makes Dr. Smith’s foot cream so unique. His other products including a deodorizing foot wash, a nail and skin fungus treatment and a foot soak are all derived from natural ingredients. The response to his products was so positive that he began mass production in 2006.

Dr. Smith’s success in podiatry stems from his educational approach to medicine. He cares about his patients and believes that they should have the best possible foot care available. Dr. Smith works extremely hard to educate his patients and promote the importance of foot health, whether in his office or through his web site, Dr. Smith also spends a great deal of time giving back to the community. He and his wife Dominique, the principal of DCS Consulting LLC, have begun gathering medical supplies to ship to the Ivory Coast. These supplies will help support the local medical community and hospitals. On a local level, he provides informational seminars to local senior centers and takes the time to mentor local students on a variety of issues.

Dr. Smith also offers his office to podiatry students as a place to learn and a basic understanding of private practice. In his spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys playing chess and writing fiction. He began writing short stories as a way to tame his active imagination, and then his writing became more than a hobby. In 2001, Dr. he self-published his novel. “Mischiefmakers” received four of five stars from Amazon readers and was praised by several book clubs.

My feet swell, toes tingle and my left big toe feels like it’s rubbing and causes pain. Any suggestions for type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago.

Sounds like the beginning signs of neuropathy.An Ac1 would be a good test for you.The swelling may be due to other issues, inform your primary doctor asap.

DR. If have toenail fungus and also some nails that grow in toe which makes cutting nails difficult because it forces me to cut into my toe. Is there treatment other than pills safe for women?

There are some topical treatments and over the counter that can help.

A question for the doctor. How do you treat hyperinsulinemia? My insulin level is 43. I know all the bad things it causes but i don’t know what you can do to get that level back to normal. What kind of specialist should I see for this condition? Please help?

Not sure, but an endocrinologist would have a better handle on that information.

Dr. I have flat feet and I started doing insanity. I have been doing it for 4 weeks and my feet hurt during and after the workout. Is there any inserts you recommend to help out?

Silicone gel full length inserts at any pharmacy, that will help reduce the impact.

Lately my feet have been tingling. I can’t even stand for the bed covers to touch them. Is this a sign of some illness?

It should be evaluated. Not necessarily diabetes, it could be a number of things. Bed covers shouldn’t hurt.

Good morning Tom & Doctor, I have been having some excruciating pain at the top of my feet. It feels like they are cramping up and sometimes it’s painful to bend. The pain lessens after a while but I usually feel it when my feet are at rest and I am sitting or try to walk after resting. What could this be?

X-rays to rule out arthritis. Cramping can sometimes be attributed to circulation issues.

Question for the Dr. Can you explain what Polycystic Ovaries are and the symptoms such as extra facial hair growth, high testosterone levels, and feeling over sexed. Are there any medications that can help?

That’s a bit away from my scope of practice. Visit a OBGYN. a consultation would be appropriate for you.

How do you get rid of corns?

Depends on severity, if painful surgical intervention is necessary, or a change in the type of shoes may help to reduce them.

I am a diabetic and my feet swell a lot what is the problem?

You could have circulation issues.

How do I get rid of planti fecheitis? I’ve don’t shoe implants, stretching, and it seems to get worse.

Cortisone injections (usually 3, 2-3 weeks apart) and Anti-inflammatory medications. If those do not work a quick procedure can be done to relieve the pain.

Doctor Smith, I work at a job that I don’t have to be on my feet a lot and don’t have to wear dress shoes much but my heels hurt and ache EVERYDAY! I have bought 4 pairs of shoes in 2 months to relieve the problem. I have a normal arch in my foot, slim build and take my vitamins. I’ve tried heel and arch supports but nothing has worked. What is wrong with my feet?

Sounds like you don’t put a lot of stress on your feet, These issues are difficult to evaluate without clinical evaluation. Visit a foot doctor soon.

What does it mean when a dark line is on your nail that wasn’t there before?

Could be normal especially if the line is uniform and straight, it is common in African Americans. It could also be the beginning of nail fungus, a nail culture can help to reveal the nature of those lines. A good foot doctor will figure it out for you.

Dr. Smith, what are some treatments for heal spurs?

A treatment would consist of arch supports, stretching ,injections,and sometimes surgery.

Is surgery the only way to treat/fix bunions?

Yes, the bone has to be corrected,

Can diabetics get pedicures?

Diabetics should be very careful in choosing a place, in general I would have to say it is not always a good idea.

What about re occurring toe nail fungus? What is the best cure?

No great cure for fungus, The oral treatments Lamisil, Sporanox have shown good results. Lasers have also shown some effectiveness.

What causes blisters on your feet?

friction, pressure area within your shoes, or increased activity like running for example.

What happens when you need a foot Doc. but you’re to ticklish??

Go anyway! Lol.

Dr. What can i do if i have numbness in my feet?

Seek testing, a basic neurological work-up, blood work may also be necessary for you.

Doc I have a problem with just my left foot having dry cracked skin what can I do to make it better?

Any good cream will help, if that does not work a Rx may be needed.

I need help about my sweaty feet. I Have tried everything! Please help me!

Try Zeasorb 2% foot powder, it is what I give my patients.

Dr. Smith, my boyfriend’s feet toe Nails look like Tales from the Crypt. He does not want to take drugs. Will a topical solution help?

Sure, try OTC products, the laser treatment shows promise in nail fungus care.

For doc. My feet swell even when I’m laying down. I’m not diabetic and I don’t eat a lot of salt. Can u tell me why?

Not without asking more questions. I would need to see and evaluate you.

I’m diabetic and sprained my toe years ago. It still has a dull ache. Is that a problem?

Could be chronic pain due to the injury, I see this often, should go away though. X-rays may be needed

Does laser treatment work on nail fungus?

I believe 75% of the time in the latest stats, there are a few options, do research.

Dr Smith are there any black foot docs in south florida?

I’m sure there are, I do not know them personally.

Why do my feet ache on the bottom and shed. T take baths but walk with my shoes off in the house?

It could be athlete’s foot.

I have a toe fungus and topical creams have not worked. My nail is now black, What do i do?

Laser or oral treatments

I have callouses on my big toes. I go to get pedicures once in a while, I use the “ped egg” at home but they come back. I was just wondering if there is a method or way to permanently get rid of the callouses?

Only in certain cases, surgery, but generally they are caused by pressure. To relieve that pressure arch supports help or pads placed inside to shoe.

I have a black toenail, what does that mean?

It could be fungus.

I have callouses in the balls of both feet. How can I safely remove them and is there a permanent solution?

Arch support will help reduce the callouses.

As a diabetic, is it okay to get pedicures? And is it okay for them to wrap a hot towel around your legs afterwards?

Generally diabetics shouldn’t let anyone other than a specialist touch there feet. Hot towels? Warm towels sounds better.

I have had a pain on my outter ankle and the doctor says it’s old age but it hurts to touch it and I am diabetic. Plus, my feet are cracking a little.

You could have arthritis ( any history of injury?). A good skin cream will help with the cracking..

For Dr.Smith I sometimes have numbness or tingling in my toes. What is the reason?

Are you diabetic?

The skin on my feet is peeling at the bottom. Is that a sign of athletes foot? It started a week ago.

That’s a good sign for athletes foot, topical treatments are good, Try Tinactin.

Is rubbing one’s feet or massaging a good thing to do, if you are a diabetic.

A good massage is always good, promotes circulation.

My mom has numbness in her hands and feet. Do you think its a neurological problem?

Could be, she should be evaluated.

What about flat feet? I have supports and they still hurt.

You probably need a different material, or custom supports that fit you specifically.

Doctor i have a cyst on my foot, a ganglin, how can I get rid of it or am I a junior diabetic?

I do lots of ganglion surgeries because that’s the best way to get rid of them even if your diabetic.

My pinky toe nail is extremely small & grows in black & has for majority of my life. I am healthy, so why?

The baby toe takes most of the blunt trauma in shoes, and often becomes discolored & thick.

My daughters toenails curl upward. Why & what can be done?

General nail care, there isn’t a way to force them down.

Is foot tingling caused by diabetes even in the morning after being in bed 8 hours?

With diabetes you can having tingling all the time, your blood sugar levels dictate the severity.

I have a neuroma in my right foot. I’ve had my foot taped one summer till pain subsided. I wear custom orthotics but the pain has come back occasionally. How safe/necessary is surgery? Side effects of surgery?

Look up sclerocing injection or dehydrated alcohol injections for neuromas. I have used these for my patients, no surgery required.

What does it mean? And what can be done if you develop a lot of dead skin on the bottom of your feet mainly around the heel of your foot?

Tinea Pedis, (athletes foot), Tinactin Spray helps

I have an extra bone that protrudes on the inside of my foot in the arch area and my feet are very flat and both cause unbearable pain what are my options?

Sounds like a typical bunion, if its really painful surgical care may be your only hope.

Dr Smith. Good morning Dr. I have dry and cracking heals. What can I do? Gold Bond is temporary relief.

use daily cream morning and evening, you may need a Rx for something stronger

Dr. What do you recommend for fungus under the toe nail?

Laser care, 75% effective

My 17 yr old son plays sports and has a callous covering the back of his big toe, it has pulled at the callous its rough he says it doesn’t hurt, should I take him to the Dr? He has a callous pad under that big toe. Need help.

Put a non-medicated pad to reduce the friction, that should help. If it continues see a foot doctor.

Good morning Tjms. This question is for the doc. I am 38 and my feet swell. I often wear sandals. I have been tested for diabetes. The test was negative. My mom was diagnosed with diabetes. Should I stop wearing sandals?

No, enjoy your sandals.

I have had numbness in my big toe for a month.

You should get a clinical work-up then get x-rays.

I have fungus in between one of my toes sometimes it hurts! How can I get rid of it?

Laser treatment is 75% effective in most cases.

Good Morning Dr. I’m not diabetic but could u recommend best over the counter ointment for nail fungi? Thanks.

My product is good (natural), but there are also chemical based products like fungoid tincture, and formula 3.

Question for the Dr: I’ve been a garbage man for 6 years. This last year I have developed very bad foot pain. I do have flat feet. They hurt right by the heel, both feet! When I first start walking they hurt badly then the pain eases. But every time I stop walking for more than 5 minutes the process starts all over when I walk again. Advice??

Plantar Faciitis, very common, try stretching, anti-inflammatory medications,and injection therapy can also help.

Does an artery get shorten when you go through foot surgery? I have a very tight calf muscle since I had a bunion removed.

No major arteries or the calf are dealt with during bunion surgery, that is not a factor.

Bad ingrown toenails, can a good pedicure at a nail shop help?

Once its treated, a good pedicure could help to slow recurrence.

I have swollen feet and ankles I have had all kinds of test run. The doctor said it is fluid but the fluid pills still does not make the swelling go completely away. What do I do?

There are a few types of fluid medications, the trick is to find the one that works with your body the best, your primary doc will work with you.

My boyfriend’s feet stink terrible after wearing socks, what can I buy over the counter to help this?

Zeaborb 2% powder

I have a problem with scaly feet and fungi. What do u recommend I can do to clear it up?

Laser for the nails, tinactin for the feet.

My 26 yr old daughter is having pain & numbness of her rightt leg & periodic heart discomfort for weeks should she see a cardiologist or an internal med doctor

Either asap !!

For the doctor, I have nail fungus. Over-the-counter medications don’t work. What can I do to cure the fungus?

Laser treatments are available.

What is the best topical treatment to address severe nail fungal problem without taking lamisil pill?


What product does Dr. Smith recommend for fallen arches and severely cracked skin between the toes and yellowing toenails? I don’t see the foot soak on the website.

Foot soak was discontinued, but there are many other soaks available, for the arches. Good arch supports. The possible toe fungus, laser treatments is a good option as well as oral medications.

Dr. The heal of my right foot hurts when I put pressure on it at the bone,

Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis. Stretching , meds (anti-inflammatory ) and injection therapy often is the cure. Surgery if all else fails (not a complicated procedure)

My ankles pop easily. They don’t hurt but I find this disturbing. Not sure if it will lead to arthritis?

You may cause degenerative changes over time, I would discontinue and have it checked out.

What can u do about swollen feet?

Medications, compression socks (TEDS or Jobst), the reason for the swelling must be sought by your doctor.

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