Evelyn Lozada’s behavior on “Basketball Wives” could be costing her a future in reality television.

After thousands of irritated women and “Basketball Wives” watchers signed a petition to block the rowdy fighter and her soon-to-be husband from returning to VH1, advertisers are beginning to notice.

“Ev and Ocho,” the “Basketball Wives” spinoff, hasn’t seen the light just yet and is at risk of staying in the can, thanks to petition organizer Alexis M.

When her campaign began on April 24, she garnered a few hundred supporters by urging each signer to contact VH1 offices via phone or mail. But now that the popularity of the Ev outrage has grown enormously, advertisers could be a bit hesitant to support the new reality series.

Alexis has taken it upon herself to contact big corporations like Progressive Insurance, General Motors, and Burger King.

“I’m currently waiting on Burger King’s president to return my phone call. I sent him all the video footage of the ‘Basketball Wives’ violence,” Alexis states on a petition update. “Burger King didn’t even know what ‘Basketball Wives’ is. The secretary was polite enough to view some of the video footage of the violence.”

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