I think we all have something we need to do, and we’re being held off by fear, procrastination, stubbornness – or all of the above.

As you know, I recently had hip replacement surgery that I’ve needed for a while (And thank you so much to those of you who sent me well wishes and prayers!). Now that I’ve done it, I’m grateful, thankful and couldn’t be more pleased about how well I feel. In fact, I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I had lived with the pain so long that it was starting to feel normal.

It got me to thinking – and yes, I have more time to sit and think than usual – about all the people out there who are living with some kind of situation or issue that can and should be changed. It could be that you need to go back to school, that you’ve outgrown your job or even possibly a relationship … it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you realize that if you want your situation to change, you’ve got to change it. Just hoping and wishing for something different isn’t enough.

I realized, after having my surgery, that everything happens when it does and the way it does for a reason. I may have waited longer than I should have to get the procedure, but that’s okay. I was able to learn how much pain I could endure, and I can appreciate the way I feel now, probably more than I would have if I’d had it years ago.

So, if you’re like me and have been going through something, this might be your day to take a step forward. You might feel like it’s too late; I promise you, it isn’t. If it’s a job, a situation at the house, or a medical condition, there’s always an option. If you want to enroll in school, let me suggest HBCUsOnline.com. Change seems scary now, but a wise person once said fear is a natural emotion. Don’t let it paralyze you.

If you’re afraid of a challenge, just do it afraid. When it’s over, that feeling will be replaced with confidence, relief and sometimes even joy. Your only obligation after that is to be thankful. And I believe me, I am. But if you do nothing, your situation will only get worse.

You know, I’m a just a DJ, so my advice is for you to put on your most motivating music – songs like “Make that Move,” “Stand,” “Jump to It,” “Get Your Freak On,” “Let’s Work,” “Control,” “Atomic Dog” – and decide to take one step forward. Let me know what song motivates you and how it’s helped you get through something. It could be an inspiration to someone else. When I get back in the Big Chair in January, I promise I’ll play a few of them.

And is it just me, or is there a lack of new-school encouraging music? Well, I guess you have to count Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation!”

Talk to you later!

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36 thoughts on “Get Up Offa That Thang

  1. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal Cont’d…Of me and by me (Sandra E. Garrett, ALL -TIME BEST BLOGGER)…
    race: Black
    age: (between) 40-45 years old
    eyes: (natural) brown
    favorite songs include but not limited to (song with part of words…GLORY MAJESTY DOMINION POWER)
    My life’s experiences, my limited legal training, and my desire to immerse common sense with it all is what my journal is about.

    My talents doesn’t include singing, dancing or acting; therefore I am never seeking work in that field. (I do enjoy dancing at home with my favorite songs. I am not trying to sell oil, lotion, cremes as part of my product inventions, though I am not oppose to them.
    Ignorance always makes assumptions, never asks direct questions, and never seeks the truth.

    Don’t be limited in your thinking, it will allow too much confusion. The enemy will add to confusion, also, by getting you to mock logic (common sense.)

    The enemy will lie on me like he’s telling the truth, and take from me like he has permission.

    Don’t let the enemy be your driver, because he will only steer you only towards what he wants you to see (believe).-seg

    • Sandra E. Garrett on said:

      Don’t let the enemy be your driver, he will only steer you towards what he wants you to see.-seg
      (the post time now is 1:00 p.m. our time…central standard)

  2. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    JOURNAL OF A SINGLE BLACK MOTHER…cont’d…more of me just by me:

    More clarifications: I was raised by my grandmother “mostly,” for part of my childhood.-seg
    It is not that I consider anyone irrelevant, it is just a fact that no relevant communications have reached me concerning any of my career endeavors.-seg
    I sometimes forget to put my initials at the end (seg) but it is just an oversight, it means nothing more or nothing less.
    P.Diddy is best-dressed male celeb. He is a very skilled Jack of many talents, as I consider myself a Jill with many skills. I would like to someday present some of my inventions and ideas to him as well. I hope that someone will one day decide to give me a chance to display my many talents.
    Few more of my favorite songs (note: I have hundreds but I won’t mention many): Lil Wayne-How to Love, Tony Terry-With You, Alicia Keys& Nicki Minaj-Girl on Fire, Michael Jackson-Butterflies, Tevin Campbell-Can We Talk

  3. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal cont’d…Updated corrections & clarifications of me and by me:my birth name is Sandra E. Garrett, the “E” is my middle name’s initial. I live in Talladega. Today is 3-3-13. My email is zone95san as stated under my previous postings of Sandra E. Garrett on this page. My info that I posted under zone_san on this page has been processed to be deleted for some time now, but as it stands, it is still my info, but I can’t access the account. I have not uploaded any pictures this year to this page or my email account.-seg

    To whomever is tampering with my communications, such as: texts, e-mails, or cell phone calls, I surmise that I am a great blogger and you are looking for material to copy and give to someone else to use, or to scam someone using my name, or either to take control over my accounts once I am no longer available to.

    Don’t be deceived by the crafty liar, I have only 24 thoughts/comments to this page. In any case, I say, “Just because someone has been skilled enough to access my accounts and upload or remove pictures or info at their will, does not equate their right to do so.”-seg

    People trying to do business, post their info all the time; I don’t know why someone is tampering with my accounts.

    The truth doesn’t cause division, it brings clarification. You’d be wise to seek the truth.-seg

    • Sandra E. Garrett on said:

      This should show as a reply to my last comment.
      Correction: 26 (counting this reply) thoughts/comments are posted by me on this page. All other comments have nothing to do with me, even if the crafty liar makes it seems otherwise.-seg

  4. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal cont’d…Updated 3-2-13…note also the clock posts time an hour later than my actual time zone.

    I only have one email acct (still no new changes to that). I only have an account with BAW and SHMS social site (I blog only on this site and page).

    Question: Can anyone tell me (by writing valid & relevant info to this page) as to what can be done about a profiler who is& has been profiling parts of my info with false informatin on the internet?

    That’s is just like the enemy to keep up mess while simultaneously trying to make it appear as if he’s done nothing.
    Notice: Given the deliberate grammar tactics of the person who has put together false information associated with my name over the internet, and due to the fact that I have contacted local authorities regarding this matter, I don’t expect that my internet footprint (Sandra E. Garrett via internet) will be accurately reflected.

    If you have tried to return my calls and the line is met with a continuous ring or busy signal, I hope you will instead use this page as an alternate avenue via which you can reach me until we can talk in person.
    I believe that if Wendy Williams was my investigator, by now I would have a career, agent & my crush…smiles-seg
    Be wise: Find ways of effectively handling your problems without complaining.-seg

    I was raised with my grandparents. We spent a lot of time helping out in our larger garden field planting vegetables. When watermelon time came, that was my only favorite time in the garden.
    Many nearby neighbors came to help out in our garden; and once a guy I knew told me that his grandparents made him come out to help us, too…smiles-seg

    free ad: CFFM (friendly people, great service/products)…local-seg

    The enemy will say, “It is so.”
    Some will say, “Yes, it is so.”
    God will say, “It is so.”
    Some will reply, “Prove it.”-seg
    Reviews of me and by me:
    I think Beyonce is all-time best singer/performer. I think J-Lo and Toni Braxton are best-dressed red carpet celebs.
    More Favorite songs include:Love on Top-Beyonce, Usher and Monica SlowJam, Avant&KeKe -You and I, Mariah Carey -Always Be My Baby, Pebbles-Love Makes Things Happen.
    Gospel: Rev. James Cleveland (late great) Jesus Is the Best Thing …also I am looking for the artist who sing the song that is played on WAGG the song is GLORY MAGNESTY DOMINION POWER
    Country: Carrie Underwood- Before He Cheats-seg …more of me and by me (some time later)-seg

  5. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Tribute to The Dreamer:
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a rep for peace(non-violence) and not for a piece(gun):
    Dr.King commissioned a non-violent movement for civil rights. He,also, implored that our endeavors include equal rights and opportunities for all races. -Sandra E. Garrett

    Journal of Me: A single Black Forever Heterosexual Female cont’d…
    1. I am sorry that I misspelled your name also, Eva Mendes(the Movie Hitch) with Will Smith, no hints, an honest offer to work with you too.
    2. Dark rooms are coldest in winter.
    3. Typo not type-o should have been typed.
    4. Joseph’s master’s wife lied on him by accusing(charging with wrong-doing) him of a crime that he did not commit.-seg
    Chapter More of Less: There are a lot of simple ways to help others. For instance, we could donate vegetable seeds to impoverished countries. We could also give them raised beds(or Eco planting pots) filled with Eco soil. Eco planting pots use little or no soil to help grow vegetables healthier and quicker in areas that soil makes it hard to grow. -seg
    My words are as I say they are. Lamann Rucker, we heard you say that you are coming back to Talladega, I hope you do. I want to meet with you in private…you know to discuss business maybe, smiles.-seg

  6. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    My next post wil be about “more of less.” Hints, it is not a type-o and it is not about posting more. I always know the material ahead and when so as to make it harder for my copycat. I don’t know what, who or why but I have seen a lot of questionable things out there by viewing sites that don’t require you to have an account to see their pages. I still have a lot of original ideas and to Eva Mendez, I offer you too, the chance to work with me on my useful product inventions, I don’t have a fb or any other account besides the Steve Harvey Morning Show (I got an email from them to vote on my favorite segment of his show and I sent back: the Morning Inspiration and someone sent back and said “Steve said thanks.”) No other relevant emails have come thru to me or I would have mentioned it on this page.

  7. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal Cont’d…
    Chapter RE-writing wrongs…making corrections to my earlier posts
    1. Rickey Smiley, sorry I misspelled your name.
    2. I said I hope to here from you and I meant to type I hope to hear from you.
    3. I said that Joseph’s master’s wife lied on him by excusing and I meant to write that Joseph’s master’s wife lied on him my accusing( charing him with doing wrong) him of a crime that he did not commit.
    4. Progress does not have to tell you its name you will know it when you see it.-seg

    Chapter:(February) Black History Month…WE OWE IT TO THE STRUGGLE

    I had scheduled myself to write this on February 4,2013 but I posted earlier. God has given me so much material that I wish I had the internet at home to share more often with you but here is what I want to say:
    OMG, on January 21, 2013, I attended my first Unity Breakfast honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights struggle, which was held at the Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church Center here in Talladega. The speaker wa Rev. Michael Stiggers, Sr pastor of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. He was a great speaker that brought an emotional and inspiring message. He said, “Nothing worth having ever comes without a struggle.” He engaged my attention during his whole speech. I had a
    side table chat with him and I told him I was going to mention this but I was a little early with when.-seg
    1. We owe it to the struggle to hire the smartest teachers for our kids.
    2. We owe it to the struggle to help the least of us.
    3. We owe it to the struggle not to forget what all Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights activists did for us, and for us to continue making sure every race is fairly and equally represented…I thank you to my great leaders of the past.-seg

  8. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal Cont’d…
    Chapter Tip: Energy matters
    Dark rooms are colder in the winter so open up the curtains and let the sunlight help heat your rooms. Also try to iron many pieces when plugging in the iron. Be mindful of things that draw heat because it can lead to higher energy bills.
    I am Sandra E. Garrett of Talladega City, and I am on pubic access internet at this time and something is happening different as I use this page. I still only blog on this page. I have not received any relevant emails and if you want to reach me you can always send for me or come to see me at church…smiles.
    Also, since I was in the 9th grade I have helped many people in my area with their writing endeavors and I want to say, “If you are not gonna help me make it, please don’t help them take it.”

  9. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Don’t fight common sense, it’s a friend of mind. (smiles)-seg

    My next post is my tip post. I won’t be posting as regular but I hope will still be great.

  10. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal cont’d…(18 posts of mine as of 1-14-13: 12 under me as Sandra E. Garrett and 6 under me as zone_san)

    Chapter: Joseph the Dreamer…His dreams came true.
    (note: this is my shortened version, a more detailed version to come some time later of this story)

    Genesis Chapter 37-47. Joseph was son of Jacob. He was next to last born with 11 brothers. In his youth he was hated by his brothers. They plotted to kill him but decided to sell him into slavery. He was bought by some Egyptians and taken far away from the land in which he had lived. His master’s wife lied on him by excusing him of a crime that he did not commit. He was thrown in jail. Joseph received favor throughout his life from God. He was released from jail and made ruler over all of Egypt. God caused all of his doings to prosper.

    What was so different about Joseph is found in Genesis chapter 45 verses 3-9. Joseph was chosen by God to save all the Earth from famine. Every country had to go to Joseph for food. God knew that
    Joseph would be the only one humble enough to give Him the glory(credit) for His great deliverance. Joseph also had a forgiving spirit much like Jesus Himself. He told his brothers when the time had come when they needed to get food from him(Joseph) that God had kept him alive to save them. He told them not to be mad at themselves for what they had done to him. Joseph said that God took those bad things and used them to prepare him to handle much greater tasks which lead to him becoming a wealthy ruler over all of Egypt. -seg

    There are many useful internet services, like becoming an e-mail provider, that we(African-Americans) should start, too.

    The ignorant dollar is not as strong as the intelligent dollar. One point is: wise investments makes your wealth last longer.-seg

    Kim Fields (and Ricky Smiley) you did a great job with “Holiday Love. You made me laugh out loud. I would love to work with you anytime. I have original, pratical ideas that I am sure that you would profit from if you would choose to work with me too. Hope to here from you.-seg
    Other: Students that I know grades reflect that they go strong in academics as well as athletics: A. Gooden, Dearieus, Jaylen Mitchell, Tweety Richardson, Monteo Garrett are just a few…good job guys…Ms. Garrett

  11. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal cont’d…updated to end year 2012
    Chapter: Something old/ repost: The Weigh-in
    “Me and My bathroom scale have been having a misunderstanding, see its not understanding how when I put in work, I need it to show me some different numbers…smiles
    Chapter: Something new/ The year 2013 will bring from new new posts(maybe not as frequent but just as good as in 2012) also to come is the story of Joseph-The Dreamer(in my view is the first deliverer and I will share with U what I think is so great and so different about Joseph..read Chap 37-47 and I will post some time in 2013) also tips and more good news.
    Chapter:Something borrowed-words from Bishop Jakes- “if U had checked the facts” and “keep the meat and throw away the bones”… I say if U had checked the facts U would have discovered that I have lived only in Talladega, AL all of my adult life(since even before age 18). That, also my mom Shirley birthed Sharon, Sandra(me) and S.(Michelle). That, also everyone in my community knows me by San Garrett. I go to Kelly Springs(Pastor Jacobs) visits with Greater Ebenezer(Pastor McKinney) and visits with (NewMaryland-Pastor Richardson). I also talk with Dr. Patterson of the Talladega Regional Family Life Center, Bernard at New Image and John Mack Shop.
    Chapter: Something I have to tell U…the enemy does not like me. What he does not understand is that I am never trying to please him. He doesn’t want me to connect with anyone because then we will discover that he is behind all of the lies and confusion. It is his nature to lie but we don’t have to act on his lies as if they were facts…learn to check the facts.

    Question: Why aren’t my replies sent to my email acct. when I reply to my own topics in order to add info. (Yes, I checked the box to have replies sent to me)
    Question: Why don’t my email acct show up in the g-search listings. I am not trying to hide my account. I have been trying to use it for advancement purposes.
    Also, I started only blogging on this page and only on BAW ’cause I have seen the “copy-cat-ers” out there since I have been looking for my internet footprint.

    • Sandra E. Garrett on said:

      P.S. (postscript… I searched the link for my zone95san acct and the only accurate one is the ones that lead to this page and to click on other will lead to other listings and another zone95san account that my copy-cat has created on another website that has nothing to do with me.) I think someone is creating a lot of accounts on sites, I don’t want to add to confusion, I want to know you can verify what I write. Happy New Year Black America Web Family.-seg

  12. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Thank you, Jesus, for the best-EST birthday gift ever…your birth day…love your daughter, Sandra

    Journal cont’d…
    Chapter: In the Word Of GOD…The sun and the moon obeys Joshua
    One of my most favorite Bible stories is of Joshua the son of Nun. Joshua was Moses’ successor. Joshua received God’s favor in battle. Joshua spoke to the sun and the moon and it stood still a whole day, which helped him win the battle at Gibeon. (Joshua 10:12-14)

  13. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal cont’d…
    Chapter: Trend Paper and Pencil (not too cool for school)
    Be proud to learn. Success had to start somewhere. Older students can be an example for the younger students by trending preparedness. -seg

  14. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Journal Of A Single Black Mother: cont’d
    My Birthday: Septemer 5
    My current written info: 1 email acct-zone95san@gmail.com, 1 old BAW acct that is still listed but I processed it to be deleted over 2months ago, which is the zone_san acct on BAW) and I BAW acct accessed by using my zone95san email) and I SteveHarveymornshow acct
    Chapter: I Want TO: (Get Up Off My But and Work)
    Currently, I get unemployment and also work part-time. Unemployment doesn’t last forever and my quest is to keep looking for permanent work. I thought the internet would be a great source for connections. I thought my work would get the attention of someone wanting to hire creative individuals. I have asked for help in getting work, I am not ashamed of that. I have not gotten any replies in that regard, nor did anyone give me any money. If someone thought that they had gotten a contact thru to me regarding, money, work or wanting to buy my ideas, I am asking that you please write out a comment relevant to that on this page, cause I would like to know who may have tried to assist in my quest.
    Also as a part of my “Forward Movement,” I’m asking people to not overlook the people around you whose talents or intellect could otherwise get overlooked. Refer someone to someone you know who could intervene in opportunity pleaseandthanks. -seg

    • Sandra E. Garrett on said:

      I am replying to add info…Learning is just finding out what you don’t know. Did U know that real-estate investments and internet companies are the new bling?

  15. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Chapter Voting: It pays tribute to the past.
    Voting: Make flyers; post and pass out flyers that says: a. return pens to the person that gave it to U(please/thanks). b. note lines may be long if last name starts with ‘s’. c.check to see where the lines are for the letter that starts with your last name…’cause some people are in line that should have gotten in another line ’cause they were did not need to give provisional info. d. take your flyer with you inside, you don’t have to rely on your memory as to what all you should mark.-seg

    p.s. this is a re-post due to my up-dated changes to account didn’t come with the new site.

    Also a part of my journal has to do with my efforts to work; hoping that someone will give me a chance like so many other deserving people need.
    I have ideas for Billy Ray Cyrus(tv producer), Jay-Z & Beyonce, Magic Johnson -seg

    after thought: To Creflo Dollar: I just love when you get a revelation from God and U stop and say “Thank You” to God for what insight he has given you.

  16. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Dear Moderator: This is the thing. I have only this account that I can access since the new changes and I wanted to work with you on deleting my zone_san account. I only noticed that I was still able to get into that account & post on this past Friday, about that time I was told that everything would be gone and it would be all new. I had posted updates that did not come with the account(zone_san) that is still here. I have made reports about someone tampering with my accounts to everyone I hoped would do something about it. So going forward since, I don’t know who might have attached themselves to my zone_san account, I would like assisting in deleting. Please call me. Noone has responded to the emails I sent to customer service in hopes of resolving this. All info concerning my account will be written and posted when changes are made by me. I hope that someone will call me or return my call. Please/thanks. Sandra

  17. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    I am a single Black mother of one. I have the most amazing life story. Even though I have had to endure a lot of struggling with what seems like obstacles put in place to block my moving forward, I am a determined individual. I have years of experience as a tutor to share, I have been tutoring since I was a kid. (When we played school, I was always the teacher…smiles, but really I tutored a lot of my family members.)

    Chapter: Generation Forward Smart:
    Knowing that your intellect trickles down (a percentage of your intellect comes from your parents) you should absorb as much knowledge as possible.-seg
    Chapter: Teach Me To Fish: (Pre-K edition)
    1. Listen to me sing my abc’s. Make sure I enunciate as I sing(ex. L-M-N-O-P not ella mena p).
    2. Teach me how to hold my pencil.
    3. Be patient. I need to be taught some things in repetition.-seg
    Kids are avid learners, and they need avid teachers.-seg
    You can use learning thru songs an effective tool. ex. multilplications (8s) 8 times 1 is 8…8 times 2 is 16 now you’re on the 8’s team…8 times 3 is 24…8 times 4 is 32 singing and learning is so fun to do.-seg
    Chapter: Unfinite Thinkers:
    Look around and see all the new technology and discoveries that are being made and put your stamp on them.-seg
    Progress does not have to tell you its name, you’ll know him when you see him.-seg
    You don’t have to have your opinions dictated to you.-seg

  18. Sandra E. Garrett on said:

    Dear Moderator: Thanks for reply. If you will work with me on deleting my old account (zone_san)with other email company that would really be the best thing. If you will ask Mrs. White to call me I would be grateful. Maybe she could provide info also as to who was tampering with my account. Please/thanks, Sandra, Talladega

  19. zone_san on said:

    If only adding words like ” made only by me is problem solved.” I am very aware that someone can create accounts for someone else. They can upload any content (including pics) that they choose. I have uploaded 3 pics to BAW(1w/red top/black pants, 1w/thought bubble (different words) 1pic with silver top,silver eye shadow & “up-do” taken on 10-4-12(until otherwise stated) (I am trying to find out why my pic won’t show)
    Journal of a Single Black Mother:
    I am the middle child of Shirley J. Sims-Garrett-Kelley (also of Talladega, of whom I lost to cancer). I have worked as a substitute teacher for over 11 years. I am looking for permanent work.
    To ask questions is human. When I have trouble understanding something, I dont mind asking someone for help. Like students, sometimes I need U to explain it to me as if I were a 4 year old. I have experienced things with my accounts that even computer techs couldn’t answer. I was being descriptive with the pic I had uploaded because I don’t know if someone has stretched out the pic so that it won’t show, or if even if someone can upload a different pic to my account. So until I get some answers as to how someone knows so much of what (spyware,of course but why) I put out as soon as I put it out then I will ask questions, it is what U do when U don’t know.
    To students: You can learn or not the choice is yours. Look around and see all the new technology and discoveries that are being made and put your stamp on them. Discover the new best thing and put your name on it. Love Ms. Sandra E. Garrett
    I don’t have a FB account so I can’t see comments that are not written by people with a BAW account.
    My new e-mail is: zone95san@gmail.com
    I’ve sent e-mails to: Steve Harvey morning show (to be on show)
    Magic Johnson theather (looking for work opps)
    Sent texts with my info to TJMS text club
    I have sent an e-mail to Kareem Abdul Jabbar asking him to come speak to our city with his message of going strong in academics. (got a response from Laura saying not at this time.) thanks for reply
    Also: Investors for my ideas are wanted…please/thanks
    There may be other black women with my name, even white women with my name, but if someone is using my info, it’s fraud and should be reported. There is enough ideas for everyone, use YOUR mind. I know keystrokes can be read with spyware.
    I still have faith and that faith leads me to share a prayer: Dear Lord God Almighty, as I consult U on today, as to what to do or what to say, I pray in Jesus name that U will guide my way.

    Explanation: “Just because you don’t learn to, somebody will”
    SHIFTS: A shift is a change from one tense, mood, or direction (etc.) to another.
    examples: can/will or could/would
    COLLOQUIALISM: is informal talk and writing.
    Point: If you don’t learn to do it, somebody will.

    I still can’t afford the internet at home, so much of my writing is done thru public access. Also, I edit a lot of what I say after I copy and paste what I have written and have read over later then decided I wanted to say something different. I know petty bullies think my changesare due to them, but no. I have to overlook mean and just go. Since it is rare that someone says thank-you anymore, I would like to say thanks to: To my daughter, who will be 16 soon, I love you. Thanks, my little advanced& honor student. Malcolm who works at Terry’s convenient store and who has helped a lot with this account Pastor Jacobs (Kelly Springs Baptist), Pastor McKinney (Greater Ebenezer), and Pastor E. Richardson(New Maryland). Devin(my white son, that I love to claim as mine), thanks for my Mother’s Day letter, I still have it (smiles). My Mexican friends that helped teach me Spanish. Quiero hablar espanol(I want to speak Spanish), gracias. And to Fatman, my nephew, of which I love to teach.
    p.s. Michelle(my little sister), I know U have said by now that it is October and “San probably has her Christmas tree up”. I did that one time (smiles) but check back in November. TATA for now…Sandra

    • Sandra E. Garrett on said:

      Love the new changes. I am zone_san on BAW, just wanna know about the zone_san temp acct that I had created. Once I clear up my account problems, I can resume ahead with posts.

      • ionegcerny on said:

        Sandra – thank you for your comments and glad you like the new changes. We haven’t got our comment approval settings worked out quite perfectly yet and that’s why your comment didn’t get approved right away. We’ll sort it out. With regard to your accounts, you should be set with this WordPress acct login moving forward.

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  21. zone_san on said:

    Good Job: Michael Baisden show, TJ Morning Show, and anyone offering solutions to help kids with advancements in learning. I know that it takes some kids a long time to learn their times table, but things like singing and repetition helps. I want to work with someone to make a timestable CD. I can’t sing but I made a times table song for my daughter and she learned them in the 2nd grade. Here is an example of the 8’s…8 times 1 is 8…8 times 2 is 16 now you’re on the 8s team…8 times 3 is 24…8 times 4 is 32…singing and learning is so fun to do… etc…U get the picture.
    It seems ads show up everywhere I blog(note: exclusively blogging on BAW) ironically, no sponsors have reached out to me.
    I will reply and give contact info if you write comment specifically mentioning my name and that U are offering work. Hope U will give me a chance to further show my creative abilities. If U want to invest in my ideas, please start contact process thru this page. Thanks, Sandra

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  24. zone_san on said:

    name: Sandra G. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…SEPT. 5TH.
    resides: in Alabama
    other: single, Black, heterosexual female…Baptist…My GOD IS AWESOME…HE IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, THE FATHER OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB
    update: no new e-mail…if interested please write comment to this page. If U can’t get any calls thru, I can’t explain it… but still, I have IDEAS FOR SALE…if anyone is interested please write out comment to this page only please. I don’t have a monopoly on ideas, just a different set.
    random info:
    no new e-mails come thru as of 9-17-12
    2 emails received
    2 emails verified by phone: (1) Ramona of BAW (1) C.White of BAW
    I have not done any t.v. shows or commercials
    I never asked for money and haven’t received any but I know someone has prayed for me.

    FACT: History books have taught us that for hundreds of years, blacks were not allowed to learn. Knowing this fact, you must understand that a percentage of what you know (your intellect) is hereditary. With that being said, you should recognize the things that you need to do to move forward. As a tutor, when I do not know the answer to a students question, I seek to find the answer from someone than knows more than me. So heres to people that takes the time to explain, or help out. I know that there’s millions of U out there. I want to know about U.

    1. R. Michelle. M. (teacher in my community)
    2. Julian Castro’s DNC speech on 9-4-12
    2. Michelle Obama’s DNC speech on 9-4-12
    3. Joel Osteen’s “Chicago Night Of Hope”
    3. Pastor Charles Jenkins and choir “Awesome”
    4. Lamman Rucker spoke at Talladega College on 9-6-12(I attended…he encouraged kids to vote and follow his C.O.D.E. to education. I got a chance to shake his hand & give him my info…I hope to work with him and Tyler…I’ve got faith, confidence and smiles.
    4. President Bill Clinton’s speech @ DNC on 9-5-12…WE’LL ALWAYS LOVE U
    4. Pres. Barack Obama’s speech @ DNC on 9-6-12.WE’LL ALWAYS LOVE U
    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s quote: “More opportunities to turn pro in Science than in NBA.”
    6. (YOUR NAME HERE) …when someone responds to this page and adds a name I will list it when I come on the site. I will include websites and business that you list.

  25. zone_san on said:

    Note I am so sorry Karina. I was given a mixed CD with the Remix of U and Chris Brown. I overlooked the beginning with Chris saying Remix, Chris Brown, Karina…’cause I was so convinced that that was Rihanna. I have played it on CD a lot but it wasn’t until 9-15-12 that I searched the internet for the song, that I found out it was U. Sorry, again.

    Many call me San. I live in the (256) area code. I love to hear things that brightens my day, like: encouraging words, a good joke, or my favorite songs. Forgive me if you’re offended, but I don’t like pranks; I feel that they’re thoughtless acts.
    My ringtone is my 2nd favorite song (my favorite is “Awesome” with Pastor Charles & choir). It rings playing Chris Brown and Karina Pasian’s “WITH YOU (REMIX)…it rings with Karina singing: Baby Boy you know I feel the same, I’m so caught up and I can’t explain how your smile and touch really brightens my day, it gives me strength to fight my fears away…

    I still love everything Beyonce sings. I am so glad that there are so many talented artists, ’cause I can’t sing nor act.

    My daughter: “Pick a team, Alabama or Auburn.”
    Me: “Auburn.”

  26. zone_san on said:

    I am so not used to my new ringtone, ’cause a few times I have almost started to dance instead of answering my cell phone…”I’m like oh, that’s my song.” (No, that’s my ringtone.)

  27. zone_san on said:

    Also I would like to give a nod to the Vice-president of Talladega College who made my visit pleasant. A shout-out to Gladys, Nikki, and Coach “Romeo” (as he say he is named) all of Talladega College.

    Also, a nod to Gabrielle Giffords on her determination to MOVE FORWARD. AND A SPECIAL NOD TO VICE-PRESIDENT BIDEN as a ‘”LOYAL FRIEND”.

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