Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s that we have so many outlets to receive information, but there’s a lot of stuff going on out there that makes us say, “What the hell?” We call it What-the-Hell Wednesday, but trust me, there’s enough to get us through every day of the week.

From the parents arrested for smoking weed at Arby’s while their baby was in the car to the man who was walking along the highway with 40 pairs of panties stuffed in his pants, if we wanted to, we could spend all day talking and laughing about the antics of everyone – from Bishop Weeks, who is engaged to be married to LaToya, who is…well, LaToya. But while we’re watching them, who’s watching the important things that really should matter to us?

Who’s talking about the performance tax issue that could have a crippling impact on black radio? Who’s worrying about the $85 million dollars that’s been taken away from HBCUs that they’ve counted on each year just to be able to keep providing the basics to the students, like dorms, research materials and desks? Who’s thinking about Troy Davis, an innocent man who was wrongly arrested, convicted and is currently on Death Row?

The whole idea of the TJMS is to entertain, inform and empower, so I have no problem bringing you the fun stuff every morning. But we’re doing our job when we remember to put some purpose in the party. We can apply some of that thinking to our lives too. Let’s enjoy the technology we have, but let’s make sure we balance it out and not neglect the things that should mean the most to us.

While we’re on the Internet and tweeting and texting, who’s tweeting and texting our children and our grandchildren? While we’re watching TMZ, what are the kids watching, and who are they watching it with? While we’re judging people who have been busted cheating in relationships, stealing on the job or digging up and re-selling burial plots, what’s going in our homes and on our jobs? While we’re watching everybody else, who’s watching us, and what are they saying? What’s going in your life that has people saying, “What the hell?”

In the meantime, check out the “For Real, For Real” poll. You know I care about what you think. Hit me on Facebook and Twitter and text me at OhOhOh (646464). But don’t get so caught up in all of that, you can’t keep up with the important things. Because a good “What the hell?” can turn on you!

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