Okay, ladies. Today, on the TJMS, I’m offering you a one-time opportunity to hear open and honest explanations from men about why they do the things they do.

All weekend long at the pool, at book club meetings, at the kids’ sporting events, at girls’ night out and at church, the topic of conversation has been about infidelity and why – even though it takes two to cheat – men, more than women, seem to want to have their cake and eat it too. But it goes deeper than that. It seems like men have some serious inability to use good judgment, which leads to a lot more instances of public humiliation.

Aside from the obvious high profile stories involving South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Morgan Freeman and Steve McNair, players are getting busted every day, everywhere, from all walks of life.

Check this out: In North Dakota, a church minister was forced to go to the police and resign from his church after he admitted that an exotic dancer had blackmailed him for $7,000. The pastor told police he had started paying “Bunny” for private dances three years ago, and eventually, the relationship turned to sex for money. When the payments stopped this spring, the minister continued the affair. Then in May, she asked for $6,000 to keep the affair silent. When he only paid her $1,000, she sent a picture of him on his bed in his underwear to the leaders of the Lutheran church.

Now, for every woman reading this story, shaking her head and saying what a fool the pastor was, there’s a man – maybe the minister himself – saying it was worth the little bit of public humiliation he had to endure. Which brings me to the point of this blog.

Even though men and women share a lot of the same behaviors, their thinking is usually a whole different. “The woman didn’t look THAT good.” “He OUGHT to feel like a fool.” “HE should have known better.” “He risked all that he had for NOTHING.” Those are all thoughts of a woman, and even if she’s talking to a man who’s nodding his head in agreement, he may be thinking something entirely different. Perhaps you will find out today what he really feels about cheating. Perhaps a few bold men will step forward for a few hours of complete transparency and tell the women listening to the TJMS whether it’s worth it or not, why they take such risks and what you may do to contribute to their willingness to take those risks.

If you’re a man willing to step up and do this, today is your day. If you’re a woman with questions for these bold men, text me at OhOhOh (646464) or hit me on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, by the way, neither The Tom Joyner Morning Show nor BlackAmericaWeb.com takes any responsibility for anything that happens to the men who are willing to step forward … or the windows in their cars!

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