What’s Your “Reality Show?”

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Everybody and their momma is getting a Reality Show these days.

When we saw just how many are in play we decided to include it within the TJMS show this Friday. (check out the show at http://www.Blackamericaweb.com)

Hot on the new list are: Michael Vick, Octo-mom, Fantasia, Keisha Knight-Pullium (Rudy from the Cosby’s), R&B singer Monica, Terry Crews from Everybody Hates Chris and P. Diddy again…

Personally, I’d like to create a Reality Show called “The Pastors.” We all know that at the end of the day, our spiritual leaders are flawed human beings who happen to have accepted a certain call on their life from God. But the “reality” is they fuss, cuss and struggle too. Often what they go through is what gives them inspiration to speak truth to power into our lives on Sunday morning. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a week in the life of a pastor and the real journey they go through to get to Sunday?

Another Reality Show I’d like to create is “The Brothas.” I’d like to see how friends or men who are having a “bromance” (like we talked about on the Thursday show) really get down when we woman aren’t looking. I want to be a fly on that wall via the TV tube. When they’re having wife, girlfriend, and spiritual problems do they confide in one another? I really want to hear what kind of advice their friends give, especially the one’s that you think are good influences on them – we could finally see if that is true.

Finally, I’d like to produce a Reality Show that depicts how a family is overcoming the current recession, which is more than a notion, but it would certainly be encouraging to see — right?

For instance, what are some of the things that folks have changed, downsized, or eliminated in order to survive on a daily basis? In fact, some of what may be discovered is that we don’t need half of what we’ve become accustomed to.

I just moved and currently I don’t have cable television. Guess what, I’m not missing it-at least not yet. The point is, I can live without it if I have to. It’s amazing the things we think we can’t live without like: cell phones, Starbucks coffee, and chocolate, well, okay, maybe that’s just me.

The point is, the recession may teach or remind us of how spoiled we are or even more, and how resilient we can be when times get tough.

What about you? What kind of Reality Show would you like to create?

What about on the TJMS, What kind of Reality radio would float your boat? Here’s your chance to produce right along with the TJMS Producers. Can’t wait to here your thoughts.

Deya Smith,


Deya Direct!

Producer, Tom Joyner Morning Show