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In this day and age, who doesn’t need more of something, right? In our new feature on the stream called Girlfriend FM, “more” is exactly where we’ll begin. More money, More men, and more of you!

Ladies, Girlfriend FM has been created with you in mind. It’s the place where we can discuss the topical issues that we experience and Feel the Most, thus FM. This feature will be fun and done girlfriend-style; all the stuff you need to get off your chest or get advice about, we’ll begin to tackle: Relationships, side hustles, sexuality, spirituality, personal struggles and more. I’ll interview the experts, alright: YOU.

And since we love to talk about men in our spare time, I’m going right to the source. Girlfriends, I’m going to ask the brothas all the questions you want to know, so make sure you reach out and tell me what you want to discuss.

Like I said, in our first series, we begin with more. My girlfriend Lady T called and said she needed some help with getting more money, more men and more of herself. Click here to take a listen!

Financial planner Jocelyn Wright responded with some real practical advice. Jocelyn had a lot more to say, but she ultimately conveyed that there are no real quick fixes; we’ve got to save and invest. I know that’s true, but we don’t always have the resources to do the long, hard financial planning, hello? But if you’re ready to get some help or want to talk to her directly, Jocelyn can be reached at

In the meantime, here’s some Deya Direct girlfriend advice on side hustles for your consideration:

The hustle is your ability to create your own economy. When you can combine your time, effort, ideas, skills and relationships to fulfill your destiny while simultaneously filling your pockets; that’s very empowering.

How do you know if you have a hustle that you can capitalize on? First, you need to take a hard look at your skills set and consider how you can use them to make money. Consider what you do well and who needs what you are providing — supply and demand. Then, start creating opportunities to do what you do.

For years, I urged my girlfriend Tonya to start using her gift of doing hair to make money. She always had a natural talent for it. She was well known for doing the hair of family members and friends, including mine, with such polish and style, and we constantly received compliments.

Nevertheless, when strangers would inquire about her services, she would often shy away from the potential work. While she enjoyed doing hair, with her full time job and family duties, she did not want the responsibility of the time commitment.

Are there talents and skills you possess that could help you earn money, but you’re disregarding because you can’t fathom the effort? As I told a family member who was complaining about being tired of the minimal emotional and financial payoff when working for others: “If you’re going to be tired anyway, you might as well be tired from pursuing your own business endeavors too.”

For Tonya, when the bills finally hit the fan, she decided to reconsider her options. She found the compromise to her time dilemma by specializing in a braided hairstyle that only took one-hour per client. This became her calling card. Today, she braids hair four times a week for a few hours after her regular job as an administrative assistant. She earns an extra $600-$1,000 a week.

Getting her hustle on enabled she and her three children to move into their first home. She was also able to buy a new car. All this while managing to support her oldest child in college. Tonya is now the first person to tell you how hustle money comes in handy, turning hard times into good times and nickels into dimes.

As depicted in Tonya’s story, the hustle is often the thing that you can do but don’t or won’t that can be the solution to your financial woes. Consider how you can capitalize on some of the ordinary skills you have that can turn your 15 cents into a dollar: Writing, babysitting, direct sales parties (lingerie, body products etc.), doing make-up or event planning.

Think about it. No one ever gets rich by doing what’s regular. If so, we’d all be millionaires by working a nine-to-five job. But if you can use your regular skills and apply them in a non-traditional way, you might create an extraordinary hustle.

Next on Girlfriend FM, we’ll be talking about how to get more men. And guess who I talk to? The brothas.

Hit me back, and let me know if you like this topic and what else you want to talk about. Deya Direct is a Producer on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. You can e-mail at or call 1-800-Joyner2. We might actually feature your call!

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