I don’t know about you, but for me, now that President Barack Obama holds the highest office in the land, the holiday President’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning. Before, the main thing that got my attention on President’s Day was that the banks were closed, and, depending on my cash flow, that was good news or bad news — bad news if I was running low and good news if it meant didn’t have to worry about the bad check I had written on Friday. If the banks were closed on Monday, I had an extra day to put the cash in and beat the check to bank. Y’all new schoolers don’t know anything about that. Ask your parents!

Anyway, today is President’s Day, and my chest is sticking out because President Barack Obama is in the Oval office and the First Lady, Michelle, and their beautiful children and Michelle’s mom, Mrs. Robinson, are at the house. If it weren’t true, it would make a perfect sitcom. A black president, a strong-willed wife, two little girls and a no-nonsense mother-in-law living in the White House.

Except it isn’t a Hollywood script. And nobody realizes that more than the president right about now. He’s catching it in every direction. The critics aren’t letting up; he can’t find a commerce secretary, and the economy sucks more and more every day. Nothing is funny about any of that. The reality is he took the helm of the ship during one of the worst storms in history. We knew it, and so did he. But yet, he kept on going forward, and we kept on supporting him until he did the near impossible — won the election. So, now that he’s here, and we helped him get here, we can’t abandon the ship. That doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything he says and does 100 percent, but at least trust him to try to do what we believed he could.

So, it’s going to be a long four years for President Barack Obama; we know that. If you cast a vote for him, bought a T-shirt, shed a tear at the inauguration or still roll your eyes when you see a McCain-Palin bumper sticker on the back of a car, then continue to support this president.

Maybe the only way you can do it is with positive energy and prayer (and don’t underestimate the power of those two things!). I’m going to support him that way and with the power of my microphone. This man stepped up in a time when the country’s problems looked insurmountable. Now that he has, let’s continue to hold him up. This President’s Day, let’s try to do something that will make a difference. Let’s become better consumers, better volunteers, better mentors and better Americans. I think it’s the best way we can salute President Obama on a day set aside to honor the leaders of our nation.

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