Want to know how to heal after career loss or infidelity? Check out Deya Direct with Eddie discussing “MARRIED FOR REAL…”

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One thought on “Part 2: Deya continues with Eddie George and Taj Johnson George

  1. Christmas Wish. My grandson will be a Sophmore at Howard University School of Communication, he has been given the position of Graphic Designer and needs a new Apple computer, His Name is Frederick W Sands, IV, his designs are online as IV G (meaning 4th generation). He is an honor student, will be going to China with the HU Freshman leadership academy in July. I am so proud of him as he was one of the only men to graduate from high school in 2012 as Valdictorium for Carver School of the Arts in Atlanta, GA. Please bless him with a new computer so that he can continue to earn money with his designs while in College.. Be Blessed and continue to keep us informed and laughing. Jay gets my vote, not sure where to vote at yet!!

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