Every Thursday is Mother’s Day on the Tom Joyner Morning Show®!

Listeners take the time each week to write about a special woman in their lives that has truly made a difference.

If you know a special lady that makes life better for you and your family, write Tom and tell him about her and what you would like to see her do with the cash prize. Listen Now to this week’s Tide Thursday Morning Mom on the Tom Joyner Morning Show®.

Tell us about the special woman in your life who makes life
better for you and your family.

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Mom

  1. Jheanel Dawes on said:

    Hi, Tom Joyner my name is Jheanel Dawes I am a senior in high school, I attend Santaluces Community High School and I live in West Palm Beach Florida. I am reaching out to you today for help for my mother Mary last. Last year February my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and my family has struggling with dealing with this ever since my mother especially has been struggling with my father not being able to work she has been the only income that has been coming into our home and it just hasn’t been easy for her dealing with it all. My mom would come home from work extremely tired and still has to drive to the hospital to bring my dad food and other essentials that he needs and she would take off from work to drive back and forth to Tampa for treatments. My mother has to take care of two kids my little sister Kyzion who is 9 years old and I who is 17 years old and it’s been taking a toll on her, I am coming to you today asking for help in any way possible I want my mom to have a real smile again instead of a fake one like the one she puts on her face to tell us that everything is ok with her I pray that you can help.
    Thank you, Jheanel Dawes.

  2. Mia Robinson-Young on said:

    My name is Mia and I am 11 years old, soon to be 12 on January 6. I am writing you to tell you a little about my mommy. She one of a kind. She is trying to get back in school and is taking good care of me and my grandmother who had a stroke 2 years ago. She also took care of my great grandmother who passed last year in April. She has two jobs trying to get a car and paying for all of the bills. In my eyes my mommy is my hero and I love her more than ever. I hope this letter is very helpful that she become Thursday Mom because she deserves this award. If I could do what she does I don’t know what I would do. Thank you I hope she become Thursday Mom because I know she is my Thursday Mom.

  3. Good morning, Tjms
    I am writing to you about a wonderful lady named Barbara Williams. She is a Christian, a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 10 and great grandmother of 1. Mrs. Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1980. She raised her three children as a single parent and refused to let any set back stop her. Since then she has had a series of health aliments including a stroke. In 1992 cancer came back again, but she refused to allow it to keep her down. She remarried in 1986 and recently celebrated 28 yrs of marriage. About ten years ago her mother-n-law was diagnosed with dementia and she stepped up and took care of her until she passed away. She is an active member in her church and constantly mentoring young adults and single parents. She now has a close relative that has dementia and she is over everyday day making sure she has all she needs. I see this is hard on her because this disease attacks your mind and very hurtful things maybe be said by patient. So Mr. Joyner this wonderful person is my (momma) mother. My mother is the strongest women I have ever known. God has blessed her she does not look like what she has been through

  4. Brandon Spencer on said:

    I’m writing this so you consider my Mom. I love my Mom all the sacrifice she did for me.My Mom have only $3 I’m hungry she make sure I eat and she go to bed hungry. She do with out clothes so I can have clothes to wear. My Mom is crying because she can’t pay her rent please consider her. Thank you Brandon

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  6. I am the son of a great Mother, she raised 3 sons and all of this was done alone. I am so proud of my Mother, she moved here from New Orleans knowing no Family was here to help during the time. My Father died when I was 11 months and my Mother struggle with the move, she stated, she moved to be able to do it alone without everyone telling her what to do next and how to do it. We all played basketball, football, tennis and etc. My Mother helped each go through College and she was suffering with her own personal problems, (health and all) she was there for friends who needed a place to stay, she never asked for anything from any persons, I watched people who was supposed to be her friends, and etc, take advantage of her goodness. She went out of town with us for different games, she went to each game for all of us, running from place to place, practice. she had to retire from work and she is totally struggling, however, she will not allow us to assist because we all live alone. I would love for something good to help her now, let it be her turn. If, its possible I would love for assistance sending her a trip or just paying a few bills so, she can relax. She takes my Nephew, her grandchild to school every morning. Can you help give her a break.

  7. Hello my name is Cj and I am 12 years old.The reason I would like my mom considered for the the Thursday mom is because she is AMAZING! After suffering from renal failure since 05 my mother has went far and beyond to take care of me and my two siblings.She was cut off of disabili due to her wanting to continue to work with her illness.She is finally marrying my dad of 14 years.It makes me sad to see her struggle to have this dream wedding she so m.xomuch deserves.Any little bit would help her Mr.Joyner! She wants to be the star of the REDCARPET at her wedding and she deserves it,from being on that dialysis machine the majority of he time!!!Can you help me make her dream wedding come true?Thanks in advance Mr.Joyner and crew!!!

  8. samuel on said:

    hi tom my name is Samuel Beasley my beast friend brad and Candice had a little boy name seth.6month ago seth was born he never made it home Candice first in only kid she was at the hospital everyday being a great mother that she is tell the last day her in brad got 4 month behid on there rent.in the bank is going to forclose if there is anyway you can pick her as your Thursday morn.mom it well help a great mom out I listen all the time on my way to work love yall in my god bless yall

  9. Devonte Dammones on said:

    Tom my mother Victoria is a true gift from God she has went ant brought neighbourhood kids christmas gifts that would otherwise not have one.She’s a very hard worker and would rather make others happy then herself. But me and my brothers believes that she should be treated like a queen she is a single mother of five even its my mother thats the lady of my heart and Tom please think of Victoria this Thursday.

  10. niclewismd@gmail.com on said:

    My name is Tyliq my mom really works hard and recently lost her job, she was accused of stealing. She works hard, she taught me to go for the gold. My GPA is 3.75 because my mother who dropped out of school went back and in 5years managed to get four degrees including a dual master all while on the presidents list and the deans list. She graduated magna cum laude. I’m proud of her shell do anything for us so I’ll do anything for her so please help me find her a job so we don’t have to leave or lose our home she gets sick worrying if she can take care of us , please help me, thank you

  11. Bobbie Hightower on said:

    Hi my name is Bobbie Hightower and the woman I’m writing about is my wife TeVera Hightower. She’s a great mother to our three kids and she always helping others. My wife have gotten close to graduating from U of H with seven classes left when they took her financial aid from her saying she doesn’t qualify anymore. Theres nothing more important to me than see my wife graduate because she’s a strong woman. On top getting her education she still finds time to be there for me and the kids. I’m proud of her and really want her to accomplish her goal because she deserve it. Thank you

  12. Posted by ShawannaShaw at 10:35 a.m. Oct. 24, 2013 Edit My Mother has been a great inspiration for me she has been my rock and foundation. I was incarated for 8 years and i have two beautful kids that she raised the whole time as a single mom and no job, then you have my neice who mother passed which is my sister of liver damage from drinking alchol beverages and she took in her 3 kids on moved mack to califona the other two are on they own my niece had a two kids who my mom is taking care of a 3 year old and a 7 year old the whole time i’ve been incancerated she has held it down for me and my kids. i just wish that i was finicial in a position where i can give her a vacation or just a trip to the spy somewhere what ever you choose tom and the hot 105 show will be a blessing… i thank you in advance for choosing my mothe for thursday morning mom my phone number is 305-834-2119 thank you…. and God Bless you – See more at: http://www.hot105fm.com/news/entertainment/morning-show/thursday-morning-mom/nDxq8/#sthash.WHaEcI1M.dpuf

  13. LinKeshai "LinK" Green on said:

    Mr. Joyner, Ms. Wilkes and Mr. Brown,

    My name is LinK Green and let me just start off by saying that I LOVE your show! I have had no choice – since I was a child my mother, Linda has listened to it every morning on her way to drop me off at daycare and school. She would always make me remember your Black History fact and quoted to her at the end of the day. lol. My mother has been the rock of our family since I can remember; maintaining our household through my father’s numerous deployments throughout his military career. No matter how ludicrous the endeavor, she’s always supported me. So when I dropped out of college my junior year to follow in my father’s footsteps and join the Army, I should not have been surprised at the fact that she reluctantly agreed to “go along” with it, as long as I promised to finish my degree. Two years, two deployments and a current tour to Korea later, I am about to complete my Bachelor’s of Arts in Public Relations cumulate and fulfill my promise to my mom. In these two years things have been tough for our relationship. I haven’t seen her in over a year as she’s always working I am on Uncle Sam’s unpredictable time. Video chats and long international phone calls now supplement our face-to-face contact. When she missed my wedding because I was in training and unable to get married near her, she wished me “all the happiness God will grant.” I know she was hurt, I could hear it in her voice, but she was able to remain positive as she always has. When I got orders to Korea she was ecstatic! She’s always wanted to come to Korea and shop, site see and try her favorite Korean Delicacy, “kim chi” (fermented cabbage in chili peppers and herbs). She always tells me that now she has an even more important reason to come to Korea – to see me after all this time. My father had been three times and she had never gotten to visit because either my brother or myself was too young. So she immediately began saving up to come and see my wife and I. Unfortunately, both of my parents now work for the government and with this government shut down, will have to use their savings to take care of their mortgage and other bills, not to mention my 15 year old brother. This morning my mother called me crying and apologizing because she couldn’t come visit for Christmas. I will miss another Christmas with my mother. You all, my family is STRONG. My parents have never accepted any handouts no matter how hard it got for us. My father just loss his retirement AND job to this military shut down and he REFUSES to ask for anything for free. I just really would like to see my mother – both my parents and my brother, but namely my mother. I don’t know when I’m going to deploy again and it would mean the world to me if you guys could help me with that. If there’s someone’s mother out there who needs help more than mines, then I will GLADLY step aside and even offer what I can. I don’t have much to offer, but I swear I would give what I could. If I had more, I’d bring my mother here to see me. Again though, if you guys can help, I’d greatly appreciate it.


    PFC LinKeshai “LinK” Green

  14. Megan Fuller-Mitchell on said:

    Almost 30 years ago at the age of 28, Doris was diagnosed with cancer; she had a mastectomy. Being one of the youngest breast cancer patients in Miami-Dade County she was blessed to fight cancer successfully. Now, with a birthday approaching (58 years old) my mom has been diagnosed with cancer in the other breast. Please show your support by helping my mom not only be able to kick cancers butt again, but to be able to have reconstructive surgery for both breast. In 1984, there weren’t as many opportunities that we now have with the after math of breast cancer. Since we now have so many other options and choices, I will love for our family and friends to be able to come together and make Mrs. Brown’s wish to come true this time around. Thank you so much in advance for helping my heart and soul. I do not know where I would be without my God sent angel..I do not know where else I could start. I asked my mom is she scared, she started “no, sad”. I inquired about her tears, crying, what’s else could you be crying for? My mom said “I have to pay for having cancer”. I can’t take it away from her, I can’t go through the treatments and chemotherapy for her but I can try to find us some support and prayers with this process.

  15. Hi, my name is Sarah and the woman I’m writing about is my friend Katrina. Katrina is 23 and she has a beautiful daughgter that’s two years old. I respect and love her because unlike some young mothers she stepped up and is taking great care of her child all by herself. She works two jobs and goes to school, she can’t afford a car so she has to take about 4 or 5 busses everyday to get to and from any and everywhere she needs to go. Her youth was cut short when she got pregnant by the man she lost her virginity to who later left her when she was 5 months pregant. she’s never step foot in a club, she doesn’t go out, doesn’t party, nor date. Her focus is making a better life for her and her child. I honestly don’t know how she’s able to do it without help from the child’s father or any government assistance, when asked she always reply “by the grace of God” She’s been through a lot and yet she always puts others first. She’s trying to start a foundation to help other young mothers like herself. I’m not really asking for anything for her, just want her story told so she can know that someone cares. I just want her to feel appreciated even if she thinks all her hardwork goes unnoticed! She’s one strong woman and she’s awesome!

  16. Xavier on said:

    Hello my name is xavier and i am 15 years old the woman that i want you to know about is my mommy my mommy takes care of me my brother and my 5 sisters and she is the best mother alive we just got our section8 and she is having a hard time coming up with the1500.00 deposit for us to move in its very sad to see our mom go tru this we want to see her smile and be happy again it hurts us to see her like this shes not eating she is very stressed out if you can please help our mommy we thank you very much and if you cant still thank you

  17. lynnae on said:

    Hello my name is lynnae and I am 13 years old. I. Love my parents because they help make the best out of me. My mom finally had a chance to start het dream by writing a movie for me to star in. The movie has already been sold to HBO and other bigger networks, it will be a nationwide film. She wrote the movie and it was turned into a script for me but now the distributon for the movie we are unable to afford. Our deadline is This Thursday and I have seen my parents struggle to make ends meet and everything seems to exceed tje household income. If there’s anyone that is willing to help sponsor or willing to give us direction. Thank You anonymously Lynnae Prioleau. My parents email:handsofmight@ymail.com

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