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TOM JOYNER: The First Lady is on the phone. Say good morning to Mrs. Michelle Obama.


SYBIL WILKES: All hail the First Lady! Good morning.

How are you all doing?

TOM JOYNER: We’re cold – in most of the country.

I know. It’s so – it’s not good, the cold.

TOM JOYNER: The White House is an old building. Is it drafty?

You know, it surprisingly isn’t. They’ve got good heat. We got good heat. I think it’s all the bombproof glass. Not much can get through, not even cold air. (Laughter.)

SYBIL WILKES: Good insulation.

Good insulation, yes.

TOM JOYNER: So, we’re here to talk about the “Let’s Move” campaign.


SYBIL WILKES: The anniversary.

We’ve hit one year, one year working – yes, but working to end childhood obesity, so it has been a very exciting and productive year.

We’ve seen a real fundamental change in the conversation that we’re having in the country not just about our kids, but how we eat as a country and how we grow our food, where we get it. And we’ve just seen so many people from all across the country, every sector stepping up to make some important changes for our kids.

And I can see some of the differences just visiting schools across the country. I was in Atlanta yesterday, this wonderful school where the principal – they’ve got this beautiful garden; and they’ve got fruit and vegetable snacks; and health ambassadors, young kids that walk around with little farmer hats and – delivering their fruits and vegetables; and kids know about these plants; and they’ve got the butterfly garden. I mean, these are going on in black communities and in urban communities where kids are really getting the message. And they’re asking their families to make changes.

So, step by step, we’re starting to see some impact. But we’re still not there. We got a long way to go.

JOYNER: When are we going to see a change in the lunchroom?

This year.

JOYNER: And P.E. – and P.E.? Because we got to eat and we go to move.

Right, it’s not enough to eat well. Hey, we –

JOYNER: And we need to eat well, but we also need to move, and schools don’t have P.E.

That’s right. Well, this year, at the beginning of the year, we passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was historic legislation. And I don’t even think I realized the magnitude that we haven’t seen changes or improvements in school lunches in decades.

And this is the first – many advocates have been pushing to try to get better nutrition guidelines, and this is the first time that we were able to get the Congress to act. So schools across the country, public schools should begin to start seeing the changes and increased standards in the menus, more nutrition education over the next school year. It’s one of those incremental implementation plans.

But parents should start looking – but people shouldn’t wait to – for legislation to move us on this front because schools have been making changes long before we even started this conversation.

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