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Reach an audience of more than 750,000 ACTIVE, AFFLUENT, AFRICAN-AMERICAN adults at Backed by nationally syndicated radio personality, Tom Joyner, is provides visitors a spirited, interactive and fun interactive community.


Female 62.5%
Male 37.5%

Household Income

Mean $69,210.80

Age Mean


Online Shopping Habits

Any Online Shopping (last 30 days) 62%
Any Online Shopping (last 6 months) 91%
Any Online Purchase (last 6 months) 72.1%
Any Online Purchase (last 30 days) 49.5%

Access Frequency

Online 1-2 times a week 7.6%
Online 3-4 times a week 13.9%
Online 5-6 times a week 19.4%
Online < 1 time a week 2.7% Education High School Grad 8% Some College 27% Technical/Vocational 6% Current College Student 6% Associates Degree 10% Bachelors Degree 29% Graduate Degree 14% Online Advertising with is more than just 'banners & buttons'. From channel sponsorships to in-stream audio units, can target your message to reach this appealing demo. Site Statistics 5-7 Million Impressions per month Average 750 new registrants per day Approximately 30,000 uniques per day Time Spent on Site - 14 minutes You can reach the audience through a host of interactive tools, from traditional banner units, to promotions and contests and channel sponsorships. Please contact us at for our current rate card. About Advertising on When you pair the power of the Internet with the extensive reach of Tom Joyner, whose four-hour, drive time show, Tom Joyner Morning Show, is heard in more than 100 markets reaching more than 8 million listeners you are reaching an active African-American audience. Joyner's show, which is distributed across the ABC Radio Network, has the largest reach of any Urban radio show. A recent Yankelovich study showed that Tom Joyner has directionally higher brand equity than BET (Black Entertainment Television) and 66% of his listener's "surf the Internet whenever they can." And nearly half of his audience say they'll try a product he recommends! is positioned to succeed by building off the great combination of promotion from an urban radio powerhouse and a rapidly growing medium that is reaching African-Americans at increasing rates. In general, the African-American consume more than a half-billion dollars of goods and services. This lucrative market is extending itself online and become a valuable segment to reach. Black households alone are projected to spend more than $1.5 billon on computers and related equipment over the next four years. According to a recent Interep study, the African-American online population is growing at a rate faster than the general population and reaching a coveted demographic of households 25-54 years old, college-educated and earning more than $50,000 per year. According to the study, African-American online growth just 44% over the past year. The study also points out that: More likely than general audience to be a college graduate More likely to offline African-American audience own a luxury car More likely than offline African-American audience to own a home worth more than $200,000 More likely than offline African American audience to own stock or other market instrument. Equally likely compared to whites online to bank online, make travel reservations or buy/sell stocks.


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