The people that are so offended and apppalled by Mr. Kaebernick's protest. I 'd like to know if they are as outraged by all the senseless killing of minorities, all of the racial injustices in America, that people are okay with. We turn a blind eye to it and as long as it is not affecting us personally we avoid thinking , discussing , protesting , and doing a thing about it. Here is a man that is taking a non violent stand to bring attention to this horrible problem. He is not saying he does not love or respect his country or our flag,but the flag is supposed to be a symbol of freedom , equality, and justice for all !! Is that really what the flag stands for??? He is saying that it is hard to hear the song that says " The land of the Free and the home of the brave." Because it's not true!!!!! He is truly being brave. Please support him for stepping out and taking a stand . Let's not let them ostracize him let's support him . Mr. Wade said it best "Enough is Enough" What will we do today to contribute to change no mater how small. ❤️

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Beyoncé‘s mom, Tina Knowles, is standing with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his protest against systematic racism in the U.S.

Ms. Knowles took to Instagram to voice her support for Kaepernick, who refused to honor the America flag during the national anthem before a game.

Kaepernick has received backlash from some fans, who consider the protest an affront to patriotism.

Tina said:

“I’d like to know if they are as outraged by all the senseless killing of minorities, all of the racial injustices in America, that people are okay with. We turn a blind eye to it and as long as it is not affecting us personally we avoid thinking, discussing, protesting, and doing a thing about it.”

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Colin Kaepernick Instagram

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12 thoughts on “Read Tina Knowles’ Moving Post In Support Of Colin Kaepernick

  1. yaegerj on said:

    and this statement that Colin is not Black, well folks I’m here to break the reality news to you, Neither are you Back people in America. About 95 percent of you black people have been fronting for years, calling yourselves Black, but your not, sorry. You wannabes. so stop fronting, get the truth about what your really mixed with through DNA, and join the party. We will still accept you, for pretending to be black, its all good.

  2. yaegerj on said:

    I support this young man for taking this kind of stand which many rappers, and or celebrities have not done in public in any way, shape or form. “This young man has a lot to lose in taking this on, and that really puts him on a higher level for me. Many prayers to him, and hope many others join the plight.

  3. I myself served this country honorable for 20 years. I have 8 combat tours in the 20 years that I served and yes I am glad to sit here and say that I defended democracy. Sadly, I am heartbroken by the fact that I defended the democracy for people to not just hate me for the color of my skin, but religious beliefs (Islam). I love my country whole heartily, but the fact remains that racism has gotten so bad, its a badge of honor for a cop or someone who pretends to be a cop to kill a person of color. Its bad when a presidential nominee is preaching racist and prejudice talks against people of color and certain people of a religion. When this nominee press secretary tells women that in order to prevent rape they should be “STRONG”. Known of these are measures of equality and I stand with Colin. To that I am glad its someone else in the sport world beside Dewayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, the WNBA players or LeBron James who is speaking out.

  4. He has done the Right thing! He do have a heart. And like B mother stated: people really don’t care until it hits there home. I have read where it’s stated: GOD will get Justice.But the Holy bible also states: were people will be lovers of self!& it’s True!when you stand up for Yur self yu see people even angrier.well it’s time to Stand up FOR the right.and when you see people lay down on a guilty conscious know one thing: there not New to it, but they are definitely true to it.and the it is hatred, greed and etc. I pray the Justice department continue to do a excellent job in there fight FOR the honest Rights!Be Blessed! & it’s Never to be forgotten. They won’t yu to forget there corruption, BUT GOD Never FORGETS! SO what’s the point.a lady stated something so true: when your up to No good, you do no good! GO 49ERS.Kalpernick!

  5. vanessa on said:

    My mother has always said, “You can sing a lie as well as you can tell one!” I support Colin Kaepernick 100%. I hope that the entire black NFL will join the protest!

    • U know it’s really sad, but black NFL is attacking him, one goes on to say that Colin is not black (Sports commentator, (Rodney Harrison), who later apologized after he begin to hear how outraged people became after he made that comment, so u know he wasn’t sincere in his apology! If they’d would read a book, other than their F’ing plays! With that said, educate your children on our country’s history!

      • Laurie on said:

        I was so livid when I read what Harrison said. The level of ignorance it takes to think that and then to SAY it on national tv was mindblowing. We truly are our own worst enemy sometimes. What is ol Rodney doing for the cause? I bet NOTHING but cashing those NBC paychecks and keeping his mouth shut. He went on to say Colin has NEVER experienced racism. How the hell would he know? Coln has actually detailed several incidences where he experienced racism. I actually never had an issue with Patriots, which is Rodney’s former team. So Rodney is ok being associated with Spygate and cheating but another black man trying to make a statement at great personal cost to him is an affront to ol Rodney? just sad.

    • Laurie on said:

      we ARE just as appalled by the violence in the black community MM. that DOES NOT make it ok for cops to pile on. That is the most illogical, red herringist (I know not a real word, but it gets my point across) argument that some love to throw out there. that argument is tantamount to the cops killing a domestic violence victim and then arguing she likely would have been killed by her husband/boyfriend one day anyway. help us all. power unchecked is a danger to US ALL not just AAs. only the truly blind and ignorant don’t see or understand that concept, i.e. the DEAF motorist killed by a police officer here in NC.

    • “AAs” killing each other is out of opportunity due to environmental issues, poor education and systemic racism. Cops killing AAs are due to lack of empathy and duty to protect EVERYONE in this country. BIG DIFFERENCE. Both are bad but one of them is due to racism against people based on SKIN COLOR.

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