SAUGERTIES, N.Y. (AP) — The sister of pop star Mariah Carey has been arrested on prostitution charges in upstate New York.

Police tell the Daily Freeman of Kingston ( ) that 55-year-old Alison Carey was arrested in Saugerties on Friday following an investigation at a hotel. Police say she solicited money in exchange for sex from an undercover police officer.

Police describe Carey as a transient, and say she advertised her services online. Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra tells the newspaper that she identified herself as the performer’s sister when she was arrested.

Carey is due in Saugerties Town Court on Aug. 30.

It wasn’t immediately clear if she had an attorney who could comment on the charges.

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Sister Arrested For Prostitution

  1. Alison Carey is like dozens of women I have met over the years when I worked for the HIV/STD Control Branch of the public health service of North Carolina. I drove,many of the ladies to the clinic to get their shots during the big syphilis outbreak of the early 90’s, and when I asked them how much they charge for oral sex, they said sometimes they’d do it for a box of Church’s Chicken, where they all hung out on Liberty Street in Winston-Salem, NC. One beautiful young woman, the daughter of a pastor, was missing for awhile, and the pastor showed me her photo and asked if I located her to have her call her family to tell them she is OK. One day I was driving down Liberty Street and saw a beautiful young woman about 25 standing around looking for business. I waved at her to come in my car, and she hopped right in. When I told her I worked for the Health Department, she almost jumped out, but I assured her I was not the police and wanted to talk to her. Turns out she was HIV+, yet living with an older guy who didn’t know about her HIV infection, and still turning tricks every day on Liberty Street. She used to be a cheerleader and was still beautiful, and told me some stories about her life that were very interesting.

  2. leadjustone on said:

    I remember seeing a story about Mariah shortly after she became famous. Her sister was “struggling” then, due to a serious drug problem. Don’t know if this is the same sibling or not; but it’s my guess that Mariah has probably helped in the past. If you have ever had a family member with an addiction issue, you know how frustrating it can be. Failure after failure, after failure…..

  3. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    From what we have been reading of late, Mariah Carey has disowned her siblings. Is this the sister who is extremely ill and the brother begged Mariah, via national media, to assist with hospital bill?

    • BabyCate on said:

      Oh yes. I read an article about 6 years ago that Mariah completely dissed her siblings. Her sister from what I read has a serious illness and Mariah just turned her back on her sister. I know that Mariah has not publicly commented regarding her family, but I do know that she takes care of her Mother financially. Not saying what celebs should do with the money, but if you make it like she did it would be the most honest thing to do is help your family. If they squander what you provide then and only then your justified in no longer helping them. It’s really sad that Mariah is living the “I’m better than you Diva attitude”.

      • It is easy to sit back and judge but we are not there and we do not know their relationship (she may have done bad things to Mariah or Mariah tried to help but this sister is hard to help). My family have two family memebers whom we can help and could not help (he is now dead from the damage the drugs did to his heart). I just hope this sister gets the help she needs.

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