Baby Please? Couples Use Crowdfunding For In Vitro Fertilization

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  • Childless couples want you to pay for their baby.

    Thousands of couples have trouble conceiving every year, and many of them shell out an upwards of $10,000 for in vitro fertilization, according to Well now parent hopefuls are starting to pick up on a new trend to foot the bill: crowd funding campaigns that ask others to help pay the costs of starting a family.

    Realizing they may not be able to pull it off on their own, social media-savvy couples with limited resources have taken to to see who would be willing to help them cover such huge costs. A quick search of “in vitro” on the crowd-funding website will turn up thousands (literally thousands) of campaigns to assist couples with the overwhelming cost.

    Deirdre Alby and her husband Harold are one such couple, who are desperately trying to raise $32,000 for the IVF treatment they need to conceive a baby. They’ve been struggling with fertility for the last two years. In their quest to have a child they’ve endured unsuccessful IVF treatments and even surgery.

    Now, their best hope is to use donors, but Deirdre would still like to carry the child. They’ve got six shots to make it work, but they’re still pushing to raise the money they need to at least try.

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