4 Reasons You Need A Tight Core & 5 Crunchless Exercises To Get You There [VIDEO]

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  • If doing triple digit crunches everyday in hopes of achieving abs of steel is your go-to core workout, I suggest you change things up, like yesterday. Not only are crunches the #1 exercise done incorrectly by most, they are also a very isolated non functional way to train the middle of your body. My abs-olute favorite way to work my middle is by sitting still and no I don’t mean on the couch. 

    Stabilization movement upright – like V sits – are great for engaging your core in ways that crunches can never dream of. All the muscles in the front and back of your midsection have to rally together in order to pull this exercise off, so it is also a great way to identify muscular imbalances. For instance, if your back tenses up every time you lift your legs in a V sit then that is a telltale sign that your abs are not engaged. Simply put, your low back and ab muscles are besties – they like to work together, so try “sitting still” in order to fire up your midsection in a major way mama.

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