Woman Caught On Camera Hissing ‘Nasty F***ing N*gger’ at Man [Watch]

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  • An extremely angry white woman named Janelle Ambrosia when a man, presumably black, had the nerve to start his car in the parking lot.

    The May 30th confrontation happened in a Cheektowaga, N.Y., parking lot. The woman allegedly got pissed when the man started the car and scared her two kids. This set her off on a racial-slur-filled tirade against the man in the vehicle, who calmly began recording her.

    “I called you a n–ger. You’re a n–ger! Nasty f–king n–ger!” the woman who posts under the YouTube name IAMOYAB shouted at the man vehemently while allegedly on the phone with her husband.

    “Talk to this f–king n–ger right now. I’m telling you, he’s recording me,” she said to her husband. “Tell him you will f–king kill him. I will f–king yank his ass out the car.”

    The man in the car continues to calmly listening and record her threats. He is heard occasionally saying things like, “Please do”—for example when she threatens to pull him out of his vehicle or call the cops.

    The woman is presumably speaking to her significant other, and provides details as to the whereabouts of the man, while threatening to throw her coffee at him; a point in the rant at which he rolls up his car windows and locks his doors, adding in disbelief, “Racism is alive and well, I tell you … amazing. Absolutely amazing. This is where we live at. This is exactly where we live and what goes on. I start my car, she calls me a n–ger. Amazing.”

    According to a Twitter account linked to the woman in the video, her name is Janelle Ambrosia and her bio describes her as a “loud mouth Italian.”

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