COMMENTARY: Hoodie-Wearing Teacher Needs to Explain Himself

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It’s still open season on black men – young and old – as white men are firing on Black men for no apparent reason and then using “Stand Your Ground” laws as their sorry defense. Sadly, in some cases, the controversial law is working.

We’ve learned that for some whites, Black life – and the lives of Black males in particular –means absolutely nothing. Almost all of my Black male friends have been racially profiled at some point – and that includes me. It could also include Smith.

Smith’s ill-advised high school yearbook photo comes one week after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban apologized to Trayvon Martin’s parents for making self-described racist comments about African-Americans wearing hoodies.

“I mean, we’re all prejudiced in one way or another,” Cuban said. “If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street.”

I’m not suggesting that Smith apologize, I’m simply saying that if he decides to initiate such a provocative gesture by impersonating Trayvon Martin in a hoodie, then he owes it to the parents, teachers and students to explain his behavior.

What do you think?

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