Judicial Panel Decides Chicago Judge Once Found To Be Mentally Ill Now Unfit For Bench

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Last year, Brim was reportedly found not guilty of misdemeanor battery by reason of insanity, after throwing a set of keys at and pushing a sheriff’s deputy during a mental breakdown in March 2012.  Just one day shy of the alleged key flinging/shoving incident, Brim allegedly went in to a public courtroom rant while presiding over a mere traffic case.  The justice accused two police departments of racial bias with regards to targeting minorities and mentioned how she had just been in a psyche ward.

Brim was suspended for her bizarre courtroom outburst but still able to maintain her judicial seat in the November 2012 election as well as her $182,000 yearly salary. Brim defended her bench behavior, but those in attendance at the time labeled her antics as “preachy,” stating that the courtroom had turned into an absolute circus atmosphere. Brim later conceded, though, “I just broke like a pencil.”

Brim has allegedly been hospitalized at mental health facilities at least nine times since 1994.  The Chicago Tribune reports, that Brim was even carried out of the courtroom during one occasion on a stretcher, after she became catatonic.

The ICC determined that Brim’s mental episodes occurred too often and unexpected.

Now Brim’s seat will remain vacant until the Illinois Supreme Court can temporarily appoint an interim replacement.


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