Cynthia Bailey Slaps Back Hard At NeNe Leakes As Their RHOA Feud Heats Up

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  • Wow! We thought we’d seen it get as rough between NeNe and Cynthia Bailey as it could ever get on this weeks episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion. Take a look at the videos below to see what we mean!

    But Radar Online reports that they had some more venom to spew at one another on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live too!

    We guess we’d say it mostly stems from the whole NeNe calling Peter a bitch thing….if we were guessing! But according to Ms. NeNe Leakes she basically doesn’t feel Cynthia is worthy of her space and air anymore as she told their boss Andy Cohen on WWHL that Cynthia should be dropped from the show because she wasn’t interesting enough!

    Well…Cynthia “Super Model” Bailey begged to dog gone differ telling Cohen that NeNe is,

    “My worst enemy.”

    Said Bailey,

    “She’s actually my worst enemy. For her to go on national television and say such things is just unheard of. So what, we’re not talking anymore. That means now, all of a sudden, I can’t be on the show because you don’t think I should be on the show? NeNe doesn’t control my destiny. God controls my destiny, and I was relevant before the show, I’m relevant on the show, and I’ll be relevant after the show.”

    Leakes said, “Cynthia is wishy washy, going wherever the wind blows.”

    To this Cynthia replied,

    “The wind is fine to blow as long as it’s blowing up her a**. It’s about respect and accountability. She never thinks she’s wrong about anything and she never wants to admit when she’s wrong. When it comes to me, there was [no respect] and I respected her.”

    This season everyone was shocked when NeNe continuously called Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas a b*tch. But no one (Besides Thomas himself) was more shocked or upset about it than Cynthia.

    About the Biatch situation Bailey said,

    “A real lady doesn’t call their best friend’s husband a b*tch.”

    Cohen mentioned that Leakes had just written an open letter to Bailey online, blogging that she should have spoken to her privately instead of dissecting their friendship during the reunion show saying,

    “I have carried you on my back. Goodbye, friend,”

    Then Leakes allegedly took to her Instagram account and posted picture after picture of herself at various events with Bailey saying,

    “P.S., If U or anyone else thinks the demise of our friendship is your story line 4 for season 7, think again flip flopper.”

    Again Bailey was asked for her response and said,

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