Deya Direct Says: Fill Her Up

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When you keep going and going without a break, what you don’t realize is that because your brain and spirit are clogged up, you are not moving or even thinking at your maximum level.

That’s why when you stare at the computer for a long time, you have to step away for a few minutes because your eyes get blurry. That same concept is true in life. If you learn to step away for a period of time, you will be able to see clearer, be more creative, work faster and achieve a higher quality result.

Let this serve as a notice for you to release yourself from guilt, shame or self-deprecation. Stop and sit down. Do it. Make no excuses and make no apologies. As one mother put it, when you’re frustrated, tired, and your emotions are high, sometimes taking a break from your child will save their life.

DEYA DIRECTIVE: Bless yourself with rest, relaxation and a good time. Not only will it increase the quality of your life, but, as a result of your being good to yourself and feeling good about it, you will ultimately be in a better position to enhance each life that you touch.

QUESTION:  I want to hear from you.  What areas of your life do you need to pay more attention to and take care of better?  Share your comments and tell me what you’re going to do differently.

Deya “Direct” Smith is a lead producer on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and host of Girlfriend FM & Beyond the Studio celebrity interviews. She is also the best-selling author of “Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Live, Love and Let Go!” ( Deya is a life-changing coach, writer and speaker. If you have a question about life, love or relationships email

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2 thoughts on “Deya Direct Says: Fill Her Up

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