REVIEW: ‘Best Man Holiday’ Is a Treat

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    Nia Long talks to the TJMS crew about how her character has changed and what to expect in the sequel. Listen now. 

    It’s been 14 years in the making and sometimes when that much time has passed, a film sequel can be a huge disappointment. But in the case of “The Best Man Holiday” the sequel to the 1999 movie about several poste-college age friends coming together for a wedding, the passage of time has made for an even richer movie.

    In “The Best Man” Taye Diggs played Harper Stewart, a writer whose book about his college friends caused controversy among them. Those friends included high-achieving TV executive Jordan Armstrong (Nia Long) football star Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut) and friends Q (Terrence Howard) Mia (Monica Calhoun) Shelby (Melissa de Sousa), Candace (Regina Hall) and Julian (Harold Perrineau, Jr.).

    In the first film, Lance’s upcoming marriage to Mia creates problems for the friends as a secret is revealed.In the second, Mia reunites the friends for the Christmas holiday weekend. Now married to Lance, who is on the verge of retiring from professional football, Mia seems anxious to bring the friends together again. During the course of a holiday weekend, things come to a head for several of the characters, more secrets are revealed and more relationships tested.

    The great thing about “The Best Man Holiday,” especially for viewers who were around the same ages as the group in both films is that is shows the natural trajectory of the character’s lives. The crew of friends that was in their late 20’s in the first film is now in their early 40’s and struggling with the kinds of life problems that people do over that timespan. Whether it’s financial, relationship, family or career oriented, everyone in “The Best Man Holiday” is dealing with something – whether it’s loss, trust, friendship or love.

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    6 thoughts on “REVIEW: ‘Best Man Holiday’ Is a Treat

    1. Just watched Best Man Holiday, It was great. Made me laugh and cry! Terrance Howard was so funny. The entire cast showed how talented they are. I would stand in line to see this again!!!

    2. Despite what anyone says – this was a good movies that related to everything that Black people are dealing with – death, family, forgiveness, how to behave in front of your children, sex and money and finally true friendship! Black people needed a feel good movie and these actors are ALL great to look at and talented in their own right! Kudos Malcolm Lee and thank you!

    3. Saw this last night, and really enjoyed it. Now bring on the sequel to “Waiting to Exhale”, as the book “Getting to Happy” was excellent!

    4. This sequel was so worth the wait!!! I laughed, and cried, but in the end walked out the theater with a smile on my face. And yes Terrance Howard did steal the show, but Lord, it was so great looking at Morris’ abs!!!!

    5. This was truly an awe inspiring sequel – lots of laughs, some sadness, some grown up business and some redemption. Terrance Howard stole the show!!!

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