Li’l Mama: ‘I Had To Play Left Eye’

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T-Boz and Chili may be going out on tour in support of the movie and it’s soundtrack “20″ which has jumped to #5 on iTunes after the movie premiere. Li’l Mama says she loved working with them and would be happy to be part of any tour that happens, although nothing has been set up yet.

Though the success of the “Crazysexycool,” movie may help Kirkland reboot what has been a somewhat stalled music career, one of her biggest challenges is doing it all without her mother, who died of breast cancer some years ago while she was still a teenager. Her mother struggled to beat the cancer for about four years, Kirkland says, but eventually succumbed to it. Kirkland says her family was treated abominably by a doctor who told them that their mother would not live, an experience she describes as the worst of her life.

Despite that, she does encourage families to seek medical help for themselves and especially for their loved ones.

“If you really want to know your status and what’s going on with yourself and you’re serious about great health and being there for your parents, children, your husband or your wife, it’s time to be checked out and take your family to the doctor and just be committed to great health and knowledge of self.”

“Crazysexycool: The TLC Story” re-airs this weekend on VH1 on Sunday, October 27 at 8 p.m.

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11 thoughts on “Li’l Mama: ‘I Had To Play Left Eye’

      • who the hell is HOV, who cares, she still did a great job, she was the one who made the movie come alive, just goes to show you, she can act , and proberly n can outshine Jay-z  on any day. I’m going to give her Props, first movie,, Hey she was great! 

      • one thing about she sure does not look 40 or how ever old she is,, she played the heck out of lisa Left EYE,, I’m sure lisa would have approved. great job to all the ladies congrads on the whole movie Period end, and her showing up on stage with keys, and Hov or whoever he is calling his-self these days, that is so OLD. HOVA, I cannot believe this man actually believes he is GOd. GET YOUR LIFE!..

  1. Lil’ mama was wonderful , I actually thought she was lisa LEFT EYE, I mean even down to her mannerism, she did a great JOB, all the girls did, but she deserves the EMMY, she made me feel like I was back there with lisa watching her change, and watching all of them grow up, in front of the world,, AWESOME JOB,, LADIES,,

  2. I was really worried about Lil Mama playing Left Eye but she did an AWESOME job had me thinking I was watching Left Eye a few times******

  3. Her performance in the Movie was OUTSTANDING!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and will watch it again this weekend. It was very well put together.

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