Why Racism Has Increased [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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    3 thoughts on “Why Racism Has Increased [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

    1. I have this excersise for everyone to do. With everything you hear about race. Listen to it and then replace the words white with black and black with white. If it stings a little then it is racist. This works for both white and black people. For example. When Fox stood up to promote Dajango. And he said I get to kill a lot of white people how black is that.

      We must fight racism everywhere we find it. In the black and white community. We must insist that hollywood, media and politicians stop pushing God out of our lives.

    2. P. Wood,
      If those statistics were correct, then I could certainly understand why Whites would suspect Blacks. However, Blacks cannot and do not get away with the SAME crimes at the SAME rate as Whites. You said: “BLACKS COMMIT OVER 53% OF THE KNOWN MURDERS IN AMERICA.” Well that is “KNOWN MURDERS”, but what about the UNKNOWN crimes committed by Whites? If Blacks received the same treatment during sentencing as Whites, those statistics would easily be reversed.

      The crimes in my new neighborhood are different in comparison to my old “hood.” Admittedly, the crimes in my old neighborhood consisted of multiple fistfights; fights between Blacks, Whites and Mexicans. However, here in my new neighborhood, there are multiple reports of domestic violence and suicide. My new “hood” is predominantly White. (Thankfully, there are not any break-ins, but sadly, it is a compound of White on White crime.)

      So you see, P. Wood, Blacks are not the only ones who need to cleanup our “hoods”, be self-reliant, accountable and responsible for our own actions and those of our children. (Statistically, children are easily influenced by their peers and adults.)
      Recently I read a report that said that one in seven people is on food stamps. However none of my family members is on food stamps or has ever received them. (There goes that theory as well as your so-called statistics.)

      P. Wood, ignorance leads to prejudice. Accordingly, Blacks are not blaming “whitey”. However, with prejudice remarks such as yours, it is easy for someone like me to cry racism.

    3. Whites suspect blacks because blacks murder over twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks (2011: blacks murdered 448 whites, whites murdered 193 blacks), despite the fact that blacks are only 12.5% of the population and black males (doing the murdering) are maybe 5%. Whites suspect blacks because the latest 2012 murder stats show that BLACKS COMMIT OVER 53% OF THE KNOWN MURDERS IN AMERICA.


      That’s astonishing given that blacks are only 12.5% of the population. That number and percentage would grow because the vast majority of murders where the perpetrator is unknown are hood / gang murders. Quit blaming whitey and “racism” and clean up your hoods. Be self reliant, accountable, and responsible for your own actions and those of your children. Don’t have more children than you can care for. If you are on some form of welfare that means you can’t even care for yourself, much less a child.

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